Updated on May 20, 2021. Reviewed by Chris Day (Optician) and Dr. Justin Asgarpour (Optometrist).

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Want to bring more spark into your eyes? Wearing colored contact lenses is choose trying a new hairstyle, it deserve to totally readjust your look. Though unlike hair, you can remove them whenever you want…

Colored lenses can be either a method to switch up your usual eye shade or they deserve to be your signature statement. You don’t have to wear a lot of flashy jewelry or makeup if you rotate your eyes right into your hallmark accessory!

Willing to attempt but haven’t comprised your mind yet? Let us clarify the subject for you! We’ve answered some of the most generally asked concerns around colored contact lenses.

Are colored contacts safe?

Your eyes’ wellness and security are necessary. Colored call lenses are clinical gadgets. For this factor, a call lens fitting is recommended by eye care experts to help you discover an option that suits your eyes and also preserves your eye health—regardmuch less of whether you’re making use of your contacts for correction or just cosmetic appeal, a fitting is crucial. 

Like consistent contacts, you require to keep safe actions in order to protect your eyes. As long as you maintain proper lens care and also follow the instructions gave by your eye care expert, it’s safe to wear colored contacts. Consult your eye care professional to find out if colored contacts are best for you.

If you’re not familiar through wearing contacts, make certain to learn how to put contacts in effectively. Also note that in general, colored contact lenses are made of materials that don’t enable as a lot oxygen to the cornea. For this reason, it is important to pick a color call lens that suits your wearing schedule

Some colored contacts such as Air Optix Colors, but, offer a much premium oxygen penetration than a lot of customers brands. Discuss through your eye physician to decide which brand also will guarantee maximum comfort and eye safety!

Do I require a prescription to wear colored contact lenses?

A prescription to wear colored contacts is said by eye treatment specialists. It’s essential to remember that even if you have actually perfect vision and also simply desire to add a little splash of color to your eyes – it’s still a clinical gadget. And it’s still going best on height of your cornea, which demands oxygen.

When you location a call lens on your cornea, its oxygen supply is diminished. A call lens prescription does not simply represent the corrective power in the lens, it states the correct size of the call lens required for your eye, brand also and product of the lens.  

While many kind of civilization think of their ‘prescription’ as the POWER of their lenses and that’s for the many component true for glasses, your prescription for call lenses also indicates that your contacts fit well and won’t put your eyes at risk. 

You have the right to quickly buy colored contacts digital based upon your prescription. And if you have got a prescription for a brand also of colored lenses, you have the right to purchase any type of of the colors obtainable and also understand for sure that the lenses will certainly be a great fit. Your eye medical professional takes treatment of the brand also and also you take treatment of the shade – feel free to experiment!

How perform colored contact lenses work?

Colored contact lenses are designed with a clear location in the middle that lines up perfectly via your pupil. This is what permits light to take a trip with and also let you see.

A fitting for a colored call lens will certainly make sure your pupil is centered correctly with that hole in the lens. If it’s not, your vision have the right to be impacted, specifically at night once your pupil gets bigger and might extfinish into the colored area of the lens.

What are the different forms of colored contacts?

First of all, according to your vision demands, you could pick between:

i. Non-corrective if you don’t require any type of vision correction and you desire to wear contacts of colors for aesthetic purposes just.

ii. Prescription colored contacts if you need vision correction and also desire to try new eye tints!

Then, you have actually an option between various categories of colors, colors, and also features:

i. Enhancement tints: Contacts that improve your herbal eye color for a much more subtle adjust. For herbal look contacts, take a look at Air Optix Colors, Dailies Colors, FreshLook Colorblends or Acuvue Define Vivid.

ii. Vivid tints: brighter colors that will certainly entice all eyes on you! Available in a large range of colors. Example: Air Optix Colors (easily accessible in both subtle and colorful lines within the color range).

iii. “Circle” lenses (likewise called “doll’s eye” or “Limbal rings” lenses): New varieties of colored lenses meant to make your eyes look bigger. They have a dark colored ring approximately the outer edge of the lens. 


Colored lenses for one-of-a-kind occasions

Halloween or Costume lenses are one-of-a-kind contact lenses featuring patterns, wild colors or even coming completely black! They are practically never before prescribed by eye care professionals as many of the materials offered to make them are exceptionally outdated. Wearing cheap Halloween lenses is therefore not recommended as it could cause eye infection.

Special Effects lenses are big, tradition made lenses used for television and also film productions. Those tradition fitted lenses can just be worn for brief periods of time and also require the supervision of a licensed eye treatment professional for usage.

Which color have to I choose?


Finding a color you choose on your eyes that deserve to actually be viewed and also admired is vital. Having a fitting for colored contacts via your eye care expert generally has the opportunity to trial different colors of lenses to uncover the one that looks best on you. Many kind of different tints are accessible for colored lenses:

Contacts for light eyes

Enhancement colors are normally ideal with lighter organic eye colors and also feature locations in the lens that let your organic shade blfinish in through a dash of something else. A blue shade blend will not be as noticeable on a dark brvery own iris, whereas someone via green eyes could put that blue lens on and you might tell the difference from ten feet ameans.

Contacts for dark eyes

In general, the darker your eyes are, the darker and/or more opaque a colored lens you’ll want to pick. A contact lens created lighter eye colors (blue or green) isn’t going to show up as a lot on a darker eye.

Opaque tint

They cover your organic eye shade entirely and also have the right to occupational for light or dark organic eyes, depending on individual eye kinds. If you desire to try opaque colored contacts, experience brvery own contacts and also their 3-in-1 blfinished colors for an electric glaze.

Colored contacts will certainly expand your style exploration. Once you’ve discovered colors that suit you, have fun adjusting your outfit, makeup, and also jewelry! Your perfect match will combine optimal lens comfort and a trendy style that will make you feel beautiful and also different!

Remember that if you intend to wear colored contact lenses on a daily basis, having your eyes examined routinely remains necessary to ensure that the eyes remain healthy.

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