The maxi dress is a helpful fashionista"s dream, having actually obtained popularity in 1965 after being featured in the film "Doctor Zhivago." Just days later, French designer Jacques Syma photographed an early version of the maxi dress for his spring collection. And hence, a tradition was born.

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Today, a maxi dress deserve to aid produce the perfect ensemble for any type of time of year, specifically in summer, once the temps are high however you want to remain breezy and comfortable. While it’s an excellent go-style to keep on-hand also, periodically you simply desire to mix it up a little little bit. 

If you’re exhausted of the typical dress and also heels combo, you deserve to learn exactly how to style a maxi dress below.

The Best Maxi Dresses for Plus Sized Women

Maxi dresses, which are flowy and beautiful, seem to be a staple in most women’s closets. And it’s not difficult to watch why. They have the right to be dressed up or dvery own for any kind of occasion, from your sister-in-law’s outdoor barbecue to a work formal cocktail hour.

But maxi dresses aren’t all the exact same. Tbelow are many type of different formats of dresses, and also you might be perplexed about which is best for your body.

The most prevalent types of maxi dress formats include:

The Long-Sleeved Maxi DressThe Off-Shoulder Maxi DressThe Halter-Neck Maxi DressThe Patterned Maxi DressThe One-Shoulder Maxi DressThe Empire Maxi Dress

If you’re a plus-sized lady searching for the right style, opt for a halter-neck or patterned maxi dress, both of which look great on any type of body form. With a halter neck, the flattering cut tapers the shoulders while accentuating the bust. A patterned dress, on the other hand also, supplies busy designs to hide any kind of parts of the body you’re self-conscious about. For bigger ladies, the bigger the pattern, the more flattering the style.

Another good option is a long-sleeved maxi dress, which is right for those who desire to cover their arms to hide any bingo wings. Or you can never before go wrong via an empire-line maxi, one of the a lot of flattering dress layouts for plus-sized women. The dress comes in at the narrowest point of your waist, via the draping towel hiding tummy fat and other lumps.

Avoid even more revealing styles like the off-shoulder maxi dress. While cute, it calls for going without a bra, something bustier women may require for assistance. You must also be mindful of the t-shirt maxi, which might have a neckline that is cut also low. If you"re a plus-sized lady craving the comfort of a t-shirt maxi dress, search for a neckline that flatters your chest. You should additionally look for something with slightly loose fitting sleeves.

What to Kcurrently Before You Buy

You shouldn’t go out and purchase the first gorgeous maxi dress you check out. Instead, store a couple of tips in mind to find a dress that will work-related for you.

1. Determine Your Body Type


If you desire to find a dress that accentuates the best of your body — favor your voluptuous curves or ample bosom — you should recognize your body form, likewise called body shape. Here are some widespread body shapes:


Apple: You"re wide on the optimal yet smaller on the bottom, via a lot of of your weight accumulating roughly your hips.Inverted triangle: You have actually broad shoulders however a narrowhead, well-characterized waist — an athletic look.Pear: You have actually a smaller, slimmer waist accompanied by a rounder bottom and also thighs.Hourglass: You have actually fuller hips and also a proportional-sized bust with a tiny, narrower waist.

Once you understand your form, perform some study on what will look finest. For women through a bigger bust, think about an elegant black maxi with capped sleeves. Or for women with curves, try a spaghetti-strap maxi through a slight A-line skirt.

2. Think About Skin Tone

Just as body form and style have the right to impact exactly how you wear a maxi dress, so can the color. But finding the right shade to wear have the right to be hard. To make it even more basic, skin tones deserve to be damaged down into three categories — warmth, cool and also neutral.

You"re warmth if your skin has actually an olive or golden undertone and your hair arrays from dark blonde to dark brown. If this is you, look for colors choose oselection, red and also yellow. You deserve to likewise obtain amethod with organic greens, magenta and also turquoise. Plus, neutrals prefer chocolates and creamy whites will always occupational. 

On the various other hand, you"re cool if your skin has actually a bluish undertone and also you have exceptionally light blonde hair or incredibly dark hair, such as black or brown. If this is you, look for colors prefer imperial blue, deep purples and emerald green. Try to stop bright colors like orange and yellow.

Some human being might find their skin tone contains a mix of these colors, making it difficult to recognize if you’re a warm or a cool. In this situation, you’re taken into consideration neutral. Look for colors that fall in the middle of the shade spectrum, favor soft peach, dusty climbed and also jade green. You deserve to additionally opt for neutral colors like greys, tans and off-whites such as cream.

3. Consider the Occasion


It might seem favor a no-brainer, but eexceptionally occasion will have actually its very own dress code. You might not wear the exact same outfit to your son’s chorus concert as you would to your Friday day night, for example. If you don’t already have a dress in your clocollection, search for one that ideal matches the occasion you’re shopping for.

For a formal occasion, go for dark, straightforward colors, favor black, navy or moss green. You have the right to also complete the ensemble with stiletto heels and an elegant shawl. Stay away from anything as well revealing, such as an off-the-shoulder look or deep neckline. For more casual events you need to think light, through colors like skies blue, white, orange and more. You can pair the dress with flip-flops for a trip to the beach or wedges for a lunch day.

When shopping, remember all the accessories you have at residence that you can use to take your look to the next level. This consists of items like scarves, jewelry, hair clips, belts, shoes and a lot more.

4. Find the Right Length

How long is a maxi dress? Long. But there is no reminder or dominion saying exactly how long. Some maxis end at your ankles while others skim the floor. You’ll desire to prevent somepoint also lengthy, as your feet have the right to get recorded in the fabric, causing you to fall.

You want a dress that hits at leastern your ankles. Anypoint shorter is vulnerable to looking awkward. The right length will certainly be poignant the peak of your toes, mirroring simply a hint of your shoes. Before you buy a maxi dress, walk about the dressing room location to ensure you can move around easily and also comfortably.

How to Layout a Maxi Dress

Once you buy one maxi dress, you’ll uncover the habit is addictive. These dresses are so functional and also comfortable, you’ll want to wear one every day. And while the formats are good on their very own, periodically you desire to mix it up and also include a bit of flair to your ensemble.

Luckily, there’s plenty you have the right to do to take a simple maxi and turn it into somepoint entirely new.

1. Add a Cage Bra

What"s excellent about a caged bra is it looks wonderful on any shape or bust size, via straps and also underwire providing ample cup support. Caged bras are chameleons in that they can blend right into any kind of occasion, from mysterious and also sexy to sleek and innovative. There are also plenty of types of caged bras, including lacy, crisscrossed and also strappy. When paired via a maxi dress, the straps peek out, reflecting off your wanted style.

2. Wear a Comfy Tee


Throw one of your favorite t-shirts over a maxi dress and tie up the hem near your navel to develop the perfect rocker outfit. You can also throw in a trendy denim vest and also a pair of dark aviators. If you setup to layer other apparel on peak of a maxi, favor a t-shirt, remember to complement the colors and fads as necessary. If you want to wear a busy t-shirt style, save your dress easy, such as through a solid color in a dark shade. If you are going to wear a simple white t-shirt, jazz it up via a floral print maxi or another bold pattern.

3. Layer With Sleeves

Before slipping on your favorite maxi for the day, pull on a long-sleeve shirt to produce the perfect layered look. This is a style that have the right to be pulled off in any seakid, from keeping warm in the cooler temps of fall to preventing sunburn throughout the hot, shademuch less days of summer. Sjust how off your style with bold trends like stripes and also polka dots. Or add a pop of shade with bbest tones like oarray, yellow and also red. If you want to continue to be cool, select a long-sleeve shirt in white, which won’t absorb the warm. Then, pair it through a dress which showinstances your style.

4. Add a Jacket


Adding a light jacket to your maxi deserve to be an excellent method to continue to be stylish and handy. A jacket is fantastic protection from chilly temps, the beating sun and even a small rain. Try to pick a jacket in a neutral color, prefer navy blue, babsence or white. Or you deserve to never go wrong via denim, which pairs via nearly any kind of shade. To complete the look, add a basesphere cap and some stylish kicks. You will certainly look fresh and young, and also your outfit will certainly accentuate your legs, making them look much longer.

5. Use Iron-on Tape

We all have a couple of dresses in our closet which don’t rather fit. But when it comes to a dress that’s also lengthy, tbelow are a couple of tricks you have the right to usage to shorten the hem. With iron-on tape, you have the right to wrap and iron the hemline to take a few inches off the size — but much you need. This method is a lot much easier than sitting dvery own at the sewing machine and deserve to even be undone later on if you decide you desire the added size. Before using tape, inspect the label on your maxi dress to encertain ironing won’t damage the cloth. Delicate fabrics prefer silk, satin and velvet can quickly be ruined.

6. Wrap a Shawl

With a shawl, you can play up your dress in numerous various methods. Use a rubber band to tie the shawl around your shoulders wrap-style. Adsimply the rubber band also so it sits near the middle of your ago, out of sight. For a more basic wrap style, throw a shawl about your shoulders. Then take one end, twist it and also throw it over your opposite shoulder. Pull the various other end up and also down through the neckline to produce a trendy knot. If you desire to show a little shoulder, think about a look wbelow you fold the shawl diagonally, wrap it roughly the sides of your shoulders and also tie a bow off-facility in the front.

7. Belt It Up


For those that have a larger bust, a maxi dress can hang awkwardly about the tummy. But via a belt, you can stylishly show off the narrowest point in your waist, producing a slimmer, sexier form and showcasing some of your body’s ideal assets — your curves. A belt deserve to additionally be a valuable means to shorten the length of your dress. Start by placing the belt roughly your waist and also cinching it tight enough that the fabric starts to ruffle. Tuck fabric slightly underneath until the hem falls at a area you’re comfortable through.

8. Tie a Button-Up

Anvarious other means to layer a maxi dress simply best is through a collared button-up blouse. Use a black, sleeveless button-up paired with a light-colored dress to play via comparison. Or use a sheer white shirt with lengthy, loose-fitting sleeves for a beachy summer look. For a look that claims laid-back, you deserve to tie up the tail ends the shirt at your navel. Or, offer off even more casual vibes by keeping the shirt unbuttoned and also untied. Then pair it with some statement hoop earrings and also a dark pair of shades.

9. Knot the Hem

If you"re searching for quick tips for tying a plus-size maxi dress that"s also long, one easy and also stylish method is to tie a bottom knot. A bottom knot is just what it sounds like — a basic knot tied at the bottom hem of your maxi dress. If you’re a knot-tying pro, the possibilities for showcasing your style are endless. Be certain to tie the knot loose enough to keep the dress flowy and flirty. If you tie as well tight, the knot will certainly bunch up the towel and also look awkward, as well as be more tough to untie later on, which you’ll want to do prior to washing. 

10. Add a Headscarf

A headscarf is a remarkable accessory which can show off your confidence and trendy style. Tright here are numerous means you have the right to add a scarf to a maxi dress to take your style to the following level. What you select will depfinish on the look you wish to attain. Placed your hair in a topknot and wrap it with a headscarf for an elegant appearance. Fold the headscarf in thirds and wear it across your forehead, through the knot in the ago. This bohemian look will certainly easily pair through a flowy maxi dress.

11. Cinch the Waist


Anvarious other choice for shortening a too-lengthy maxi dress is the waist knot. This is exceptionally equivalent to tying a knot at the hem of your dress, other than in this case the knot is tied at the waist. To gain began, gather some cloth at your hips until the dress is the right length. Then, usage the extra towel to tie a knot. This have the right to be wherever before is the majority of comfortable or looks finest, such as on the side, middle or back. Like the bottom knot, you’ll desire to tie it tight sufficient to hold the shape but not too tight wright here the cloth becomes restricted.

12. Cut a Slit

If you’re feeling a little daring and also don’t mind making a irreversible readjust to your maxi-dress, considering cutting a slit to present off the perfect amount of leg. Before you reduced, usage a washable fabric marker to trace wbelow you desire the slit to be. This will assist prevent cutting as well high and also damaging the dress. Then, lay the dress on a flat surchallenge and also usage sharp scissors to cut up the line. Once finiburned, you"ll want to fold the edges of the slit inside about half-a-centimeter and also sew a hem, preventing unsightly fray.

13. Pair With Heels


Heels are a good way to look taller, as many maxi dresses mask which form of shoes you’re wearing. For plus-sized womales, take into consideration the ideal shoes for your body form, such as boots or wedges, which market plenty of support — perfect for an afternoon in the park or walking around downtown. If you desire something sexier or even more stylish, opt for a kitten heel, which is sleek yet not too tall. Wearing heels is likewise a good solution to a too-lengthy dress, as they have the right to include inches to your elevation and also save the dress from sweeping the floor.

14. Find Standard Sneakers

If you’re going for an extra casual, athletic-leicertain look, attempt pairing your favorite maxi dress through fashionable sneaks. Basic white sneakers can aid boost any type of maxi dress silhouette, specifically gauzy and flowy numbers. Or if you’re going for a sleeker, more mysterious look, try a pair in a dark color, choose navy blue or babsence. Plus you deserve to never go wrong via the classic white and also black stripe design. If you want to throw in a pop of color, think about just how you deserve to play up the laces with bbest hues choose baby blue and emerald green.

15. Add Some Accessories


No ensemble is finish without including an accessory or two. Consider which items and also accessories you have actually roughly your home that could amplify the style you wish to attain. If you desire a boho look, add some chunky arm bands, rings and an over-the-shoulder handbag. To look more put-together and elegant, cinch a metallic jewelry belt approximately your waist and paint your nails a corresponding shade. Even a straightforward pair of earrings deserve to complete your outfit and soptimal to your in its entirety style. 

Shop for Maxi Dresses With Perfectly Priscilla


If you"ve learned any type of tips for wearing a maxi dress in this guide, you’ll recognize they are very versatile dresses, able to be styled and also accessorized for almost any kind of occasion. From a picnic in the park to a black-tie dinner, there are several tricks you have the right to usage to make the look occupational for you.

If you don’t currently have actually a dozen maxis in your clocollection, think about just how to uncover the ideal style before you buy. To execute this, determine your body shape and which formats will certainly enhance it ideal. You need to also number out if your skin tone is considered heat, cool or neutral, and also which colors will look finest. And don’t forobtain, if you’re buying a dress for a specific occasion, find a dress that will certainly suit the event.

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Above all, the goal is to feel confident, sexy and stylish in your outfit. You desire to wow bystanders via your feeling of fashion while likewise accentuating your body’s finest assets. If you want to showcase your style via a maxi dress, shop for your following design at Perfectly Priscilla. We market a wide selection of maxi dress layouts, from casual t-shirt maxis to elegant floral-print wraps.