The Final Episode is unlocked after completing the individual stories for Terra, Ventus, and also Aqua. They can be completed in any kind of order. The Final Episode continues directly from the finish of Aqua"s story, with you proceeding to play as her.

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The Aqua you manage is the exact same one that finimelted her story; the exact same Command also Decks, Keychisels, Items, and so on. Thanktotally, you can proceed to earn endure and Meld Commands throughout the Final Episode. Just remember that you can"t carry anypoint backward.

The episode begins via Aqua hiding Ven"s body in The Land of Departure, then setting out to look for Terra. She receives the Brightcrest Keyblade appropriate before returning to the World Map. While you deserve to travel to any type of World, your goal is Radiant Garden, wbelow Aqua is instantly thrown right into a boss fight.

Boss: Terra-Xehanort

You"ve currently battled this adversary, at the finish of Terra"s Story, so hopetotally, you remember that battle. This version of Terranort is considerably more powerful, yet, and also you are playing as an totally different character.For a quick refresher: he has a long multi-hit strike, have the right to dive into the ground favor Vanitas, generally offers the Dark Impulse Command also Format and also Dark Volley Shotlock, and also will occasionally heal through Cure. As the fight goes on, he will start to use even more effective Commands, such as Meteor.Terranort is extremely aggressive, so you want to be on height of your protective game. Aqua"s Barrier blocks strikes from all directions, and the standard Cartwheel Movement Command provides her totally inbreakable. Keep relocating and wait for the best time to strike.Reflecting the Dark Volley is the finest means to gain guaranteed damages, as Terranort will certainly avoid stagger from most other assaults. The assorted Surge Commands do well right here, as they carry out throughout the game. Shotlocks deserve to be efficient if they are leveled up substantially however be ready for Terranort to protect against numerous of the hits.Emptying Terranort"s health and wellness bar brings you to Phase 2, where he summons the Guardian. Terranort has actually all the exact same abilities as before, yet via a choice of new abilities. These incorporate 2 waves of energy along the ground that cannot be blocked through Barrier and dual Dark Firagas. If you remain cshed sufficient to Terranort, the Guardian will charge out and also grab Aqua, holding onto her long enough for Terranort to walk up and also begin his primary attack.The Guardian have the right to dive right into the ground, erupting out and also grabbing Aqua before dropping her from the skies. This does not carry out also a lot damages but deserve to waste helpful time in the animation to obtain back up. This is the only time wright here a Shotlock is helpful. The Guardian will certainly always relocate Terranort out of the method, yet using it here not just deals damages however prevents Aqua from taking damage from the Guardian. This approach is really just advantageous on high-level Shotlocks, as the low-level ones take too lengthy to charge.Get with sufficient of the fight to check out the fight arena change to a soft yellow glow. The Guardian will be attacking via dual Dark Firagas, blocking Aqua from acquiring to Terra. Get roughly the Guardian and also stand also in the light alongside Terra for a unichild assault.

Tbelow will certainly be a number of scenes after the fight, showing an amnesiac Xehanort meeting Ansem the Wise, Vent"s heart connecting with Sora, and also Aqua shed to darkness. With the Final Episode complete, you will certainly view one more run of credits, featuring clips from all 3 character"s stories, and various epilogues for other characters.

You will certainly unlock an Achievement.

Connected HeartsComplete the last episode.


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There is still simply a tiny little bit more to do, in the develop of the Secret Episode. The needs to unlock it differ depending on your challenge.

Beginner: The Secret Episode will certainly not unlock.

Standard: You must have completed the Reports for all three characters.

Proud: You should finish the Sticker Album for all 3 characters.

Critical: Sindicate complete the Final Episode.

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