1 : somepoint different, abnormal, strange, or not easily classified : somepoint anomalous They related to the test results as an anomaly.

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In roughly 10% of patients, autism can be explained by hereditary syndromes and recognized chromosomal anomalies (the majority of of which have recognizable functions in addition to autism) … — Lauren A. Weiss et al., New England Journal of Medicine, 14 Feb. 2008 Eleven minutes may not sound prefer much when you"re waiting for a table at your favorite restaurant, however in the course of centuries, eleven minutes and readjust come to be a formidable chunk of time. By the 1300s, those superfluous minutes had added as much as hours, then days, then more than a week. The calendar was losing time, irrevocably, to the "real" year, slipping additionally and even more behind in its measurement of the earth"s orlittle. Anomalies started to creep into what had been the certainties of life. The spring equinox—among 2 moments in the year as soon as day and also night are of equal size everywhere the earth, and which occurs on or about March 21—began to autumn on March 16, then 15, then 14. — Michelle Stacey, Harper"s, December 2006 Californians aren"t the just ones vexed by rolling brownouts and other power-supply anomalies. Everyday power spikes, surges, sags, and also line noise cause computers, stereo tools, televisions, telephones, and other breakable electronic devices to go psychotic or have complete nervous breakdowns. — Fortune, 25 June 2001 This policy might well have actually made feeling back when steroid usage was an anomaly. Now that bulking up through chemical assist appears to be more well-known than ever before, it"s incumbent on baseball to take activity. — Steve Kettguy, New York Times, 20 Aug. 2000 We couldn"t define the anomalies in the test results. her C grade is an anomaly, as she"s never before made anypoint other than A"s and also B"s before

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Recent Examples on the Internet Regulators had actually no proof they were linked, only a statistical anomaly. — New York Times, 19 Mar. 2021 The Times of Israel reports that a baby girl was born via an embryo inside her stomach in a case of fetus-in-fetu, a congenital anomaly that occurs in around eincredibly 1 in 500,000 births. — Greta Bjornchild, PEOPLE.com, 29 July 2021 But also below, Thursday’s clash was a jarring anomaly that experts declared among the city’s deadliest police operations ever. — Author: David Biller, Marcelo Silva De Sousa, Anchorage Daily News, 7 May 2021 Yet the South Bronx is an anomaly in American life, even more favor Vienna than, say, Houston. — Justin Davidboy, Curbed, 30 June 2021 This brings us to Flight Six and also an amazing in-flight anomaly that could have resulted in the autonomous helicopter nosediving into the Mars surchallenge. — Lance Eliot, Forbes, 5 June 2021 This is especially reckless because today’s low interest rates reexisting a historical anomaly and are currently start to climb. — Brian Riedl, National Review, 1 June 2021 America’s approach is a historical anomaly that has managed to persist and also promote greater peace and also pluralism for almost 250 years, also as a boosting variety of faiths have been included to the fold. — Rick Boucher And Erik Jaffe, WSJ, 6 May 2021 The squad is investigating a spatial anomaly in some sort of secret laboratory. — Darren Franich, EW.com, 17 May 2021

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