What Is a Euphemism? (with Examples)

A euphemism is the usage of agreeable or inoffensive words to replace rude or offensive ones.

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A euphemism is a number of speech, which means "an expression in which the words are not used in their literal sense." Because of this, euphemisms are classified as figurative language, which is the "usage of words in an unusual or imaginative manner."

Examples of Euphemisms

Here are some examples of prevalent euphemisms:He has actually passed ameans.(Euphemism for He has actually passed away.)She is in between tasks.(She is unemployed.)She has actually resigned her commission. (She has been sacked.)He is a tiny thin on top. (He is shedding his hair.)This pre-loved sofa is for sale.(This second-hand also sofa is for sale.)
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Instances of Euphemisms Designed to Be Less Offensive

Here are some euphemisms designed not to offend:Adam, did you recycle
Jack"s research?(plagiarise)There"s a technicoloured yawn on path.(pool of vomit)She is economical with the truth.(a liar)

More Examples of Common Euphemisms

Here are some even more frequently supplied euphemisms:EuphemismMeaning
a few sandwiches short of a picnicmad
cognitively challengedstupid
didn"t make ithas died
in different ways ableddisabled
exotic dancerstripper
kicked the buckethas actually died
knocked upis pregnant
letting you goyou"re fired
lost his marblesmad
over the hilltoo old to attribute effectively
visually challengedvisually impaired

Why Should I Care about Euphemisms?

Consider a euphemism to supply hard news.

While euphemisms can be supplied for comic result, they can likewise be provided to sregularly tough news or uncomfortable principles. Euphemisms usually threaten the offensiveness of a negative idea (e.g., fatality, old age, madness) by being polite, witty, or a bit of both. When talking to a grieving widow, for example, a polite euphemism for dead (e.g., passed ameans, resting in peace) will be even more proper than a witty one (e.g., kicked the oxygen habit, plucking turnips). You have the right to use famous euphemisms or also develop your own.

Key Point

If you"re pertained to your message could offend, start reasoning around, or looking up, suitable euphemisms.
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