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Synonyms: Adverb

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Frequently Asked Questions About regardless

Is irregardless a word?

Yes. It may not be a word that you choose, or a word that you would certainly use in a term paper, yet irregardless certainly is a word. It has actually been in usage for well over 200 years, employed by a big number of civilization throughout a broad geographic selection and via a constant definition. That is why we, and well-nigh eextremely other dictionary of contemporary English, define this word. Remember that an interpretation is not an endorsement of a word’s use.

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Does irregardless expect the very same point as regardless?

Yes. We define irregardless as "regardmuch less." Many type of human being uncover irregardless to be a nonsensical word, as the ir- presolve generally features to suggest negation; however, in this instance it appears to feature as an intensifier. Comparable ir- words, while rare, execute exist in English, including irremediless ("remediless"), irresistless ("resistless") and also irrelentlessly ("relentlessly).

Is irregardless slang?

We label irregardless as “nonstandard” quite than “slang.” When a word is nonstandard it means it is “not conforming in pronunciation, grammatical building, idiom, or word alternative to the usage primarily characteristic of educated aboriginal speakers of a language.” Irregardless is a lengthy means from winning basic acceptance as a traditional English word. For that reason, it is ideal to usage regardless instead.

Recent Examples on the Web: Adverb However, regardmuch less if Henri makes landloss as a low-end hurricane or strong tropical storm, the potential results won’t readjust a lot. — NBC News, 20 Aug. 2021 Honolulu prosecutors had actually filed charges against the 3 police officers after a grand also jury made a decision not to indict them, saying a trial need to be organized regardless. — CBS News, 19 Aug. 2021 No one has been able to verify if this legfinish is true, but regardless, that residential property, now well-known as Fox Lake, has actually been a historic African-Amerihave the right to resort for cshed to a century. — Mbody organ Jerkins, Harper"s BAZAAR, 17 Aug. 2021 Others, prefer Leon County, which contains the state funding of Tallahasview, setup to need students to wear masks regardless. — Will Weissert, Chron, 15 Aug. 2021 But that didn’t speak Twitter from completely investing itself in the would-be romance regardless. — BostonGlobe.com, 11 Aug. 2021 Your local dealer will confirm exactly how their installation services are covered; yet, Marvin Windows" warranty is valid regardless. — Bridobtain Degnan, Better Homes & Gardens, 11 Aug. 2021 According to the Department of Labor, Connecticut is still down around 100,000 tasks from pre-pandemic levels, but state tax receipts have actually boomed regardmuch less for two other reasons: First, the stock sector has greatly defied the pandemic. — Keith M. Phaneuf, courant.com, 9 Aug. 2021 Funk had a exceptional career regardless, ending up being the initially woguy to serve as a safety inspector in the Federal Aviation Administration and also as an air safety investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board. — Sarah Todd, Quartz, 21 July 2021

These example sentences are selected immediately from various digital news sources to reflect existing usage of the word "regardmuch less." Views expressed in the examples execute not reexisting the opinion of steustatiushistory.org or its editors.

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