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timbral ˈtam-​brəl

, ˈtim-​ adjective

Timber and Timbre

Timber and also timbre are two similar-looking words that appear in very different contexts. At leastern a lot of of the moment.

Timber traces back to an Old English word initially meaning “house” or “building” that likewise involved expect “building material,” “hardwood,” and also “trees” or “woods.” Timbers are big squared lengths of timber offered for structure a house or a boat. In British English, timber is additionally offered as a synonym for lumber.

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Metaphorical senses complied with after centuries of the word’s use: the word provided for building material ended up being a word interpretation “material” or “stuff” in basic (“it’s best-seller timber”) and came additionally to describe the characteristics of character, endure, or intellect (“managerial timber”).

And, of course, there’s likewise the interjectional usage of “timber!” as a cry to warn of a falling tree; the fact that most world recognize this despite few of them ever before having deployed the word in such a situation is practically definitely due to cartoons.

Timbre is French in beginning, which is apparent in its pronunciation: it is often pronounced TAM-ber and also, via a much more French-affected second syllable, TAM-bruh\. The French ancestor of timbre was borrowed at three various times into English, each time with a different interpretation, each time showing the evolution that the word had made in French.

The first two meanings timbre had in English (it described a sort of drum and also to the cremainder on a coat of arms) are now as well obscure for entry in this dictionary, but its third interpretation survives. Timbre in modern English mostly refers to the quality of a sound made by a particular voice or musical instrument; timbre is helpful in being unique from pitch, intensity, and loudness as a descriptor of sound.

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But because English is rarely simple about such points, we have likewise these facts: timber is detailed as a variant spelling of timbre. And timbre might additionally be correctly pronounced simply like timber as TIM-ber\. And the spelling of timber was unsettled for many years; it was sometimes spelled tymmer, tymber, and also, yes, timbre. The messy overlapping of these similar words is coincidental: the consequence of the interarea of the various societies and also languperiods that left their traces on English.

Recent Instances on the Net Brett’s rugged timbre presented in Ted Lasso as Roy isn’t as well much from the sweet spot. — Scott King, Forbes, 1 Sep. 2021 His many striking attribute is his voice: something metallic appears to be caught in his throat, deepening and also flattening the timbre into an authoritative drone. — Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker, 11 Aug. 2021 With her attrproactively versatile timbre, and also affluent chest voice, Marino expresses Cherubino’s ardor. — Tim Diovanni, Dallas News, 29 July 2021 Shawn speaks across species through his acrobatic timbre, utilizing his off-kilter imagination and also knack for comically prurient description: Blanche, a cat, is Ben’s a lot of ardent lover, and also a type of wordless antagonist. — Vinboy Cunningham, The New Yorker, 19 July 2021 Their cumulative job-related argues that the mockingbird engages in the exact same musical methods used by composers as soon as producing music for the humale ear, consisting of pitch, timbre, stretch and squeeze. — San Diego Union-Tribune, 10 July 2021 Revs climb ever much faster as rpm builds, the timbre increasing via the tachometer needle. — Ezra Dyer, Car and Driver, 1 July 2021 Neuroscientific research says: look at these numbers that prove our intuitions about pitch, timbre, stretch and squeeze are correct. — David Rothenberg, Scientific American, 18 June 2021 Beethoven’s Fifth symphony for pitch change; the Tuvan throat-singing ensemble Huun-Huur-Tu for timbre change; and also Idina Menzel from Disney"s Frozen II for stretch. — David Rothenberg, Scientific American, 18 June 2021

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