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Like many others at the start of the pandemic, I automatically turned to skincare as my form of self-treatment to ease my nerves and also aid me relax. I invested in brand-new assets and tools to elevate my at-residence pamper days and also transcreate my bathroom into my own high-end spa. One of those devices being the Vanity Planet Aira Facial Steamer.

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I’d constantly been curious about facial steamers and after analysis up on the benefits of utilizing one, I went on a search for my very own. After checking numerous sites and also brands, I made a decision on the Vanity Planet Aira Facial Steamer for its compact and aesthetically-pleasing design. But is it as excellent as it looks? Find out in my evaluation listed below.

The Vanity Planet Aira Facial Steamer is a compact facial steamer that features one power switch, a surprise water reservoir, and 3 crucial oil baskets to conveniently customize your steaming suffer. It comes in 2 colors, Rose Gold and also Beige (which is the one I ordered). What I love around the Aira steamer, in specific, is the easy and also luxe style as well as the user-friendly instructions.

While I don’t usage crucial oils on my challenge, I think a lot of human being will enjoy having actually the choice to add in their favorite scent to boost their at-house spa suffer even even more.

As I mentioned over, tbelow are sassist to be most benefits from utilizing a facial steamer. Beyond the relaxing, spa-prefer feeling you gain, below are some other methods your skin have the right to benefit from steaming:

Benefits of using a Facial Steamer

Softens skin to loosen up dead skin cells, dirt, and oil, allowing them to be conveniently removedIncreases hydrationUnclogs your pores to enable subsequent products to be better absorbed

When to Use a Facial Steamer

Although most skintreatment specialists are pro-steaming, they warn against utilizing a facial steamer more than 1-2 times weekly and also more than 10-15 minutes each session. They additionally warn against having actually the steamer too closer to your face to stop burns. Vanity Planet directs users of the Aira Facial Steamer to keep it at least 25 centimeters (around 10 inches) away from your confront. I typically area the steamer on the bathroom counter or a tray table and also carry my face close sufficient to feel the steam touching yet not too close to where it’s directly in front of the nozzle.

How To Use the Vanity Planet Aira Facial Steamer

I normally steam my confront when a week or eextremely other week to gain a deep cleanse, hydrate my skin, and also enable my masks and also serums to permeate my skin more. On nights I usage my steamer, I’ll cleanse first, fill up the water tank, press the power button, and also let it warm up. I’ll either stand at the bathroom respond to or sit at a tray table and also permit the steam to mist my skin. I inhale and exhale as the heavy steam works its magic for the following 10-15 minutes. Once the steamer shuts off or my timer is up, I’ll wipe my skin with Bioderma Micellar water prior to moving on a mask or serum.

My skin is left feeling hydrated and also renewed. I really feel favor my skin looks even more glowy and also healthy post-vapor. I love that the steamer makes it easier to remove buildup from my pores, allowing my masks, serums, and moisturizer to pass through deeper. Layering skintreatment commodities on peak of dead skin cells and clogged pores is a waste of money given that the commodities can’t treat the skin underneath. That’s the biggest factor I love using a facial steamer. Besides that, I love just how it makes me feel favor I’m at a spa when I’m simply in my bathroom, chilling out in my robe, drinking champagne.

Below are the products I’ll use in different scenarios:

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Pros:Small & Compact SizeLuxe Minimal DesignAffordable Price (view promo code below for additional discount)Easy to useAfterpayCons:Skin deserve to feel dry if you don’t lock in the moisture within 1 minute after using through a moisturizing confront mask or cream.

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As you have the right to watch, I’m obviously for using a steamer to rise hydration, cleanse the pores, and making serums and masks also even more efficient. It really simply elevates my Sunday at-residence spa sessions and also I’m so happy I gave facial steaming a try.

If you want to attempt out the Vanity Planet Steamer for yourself, you can use my attach to get a discount on your order. Come earlier and also let me know how you like it if you try it out.