Fifth Harmony is most likely THE most famous girl group ever before. They"re talented, beautiful and also amazing girls. They gained some awesome vocals to present off in eexceptionally song.

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Who isn"t a Harmonizer? They"re simply so lit. Here I"m gonna quiz y"all on some basic stuff on 5th Harmony. I"m certain you"ll carry out well. I hope that you prefer this.

Created by: Ashhh

1. This is a straightforward one. Which year did the girls audition for X Factor? Were they soloists or a group? 2011, team 2010, soloists 2012, soloists 2011, soloists 2010, group 2012, group2. Which of these songs were NOT percreated by the girls as soon as they were on X Factor? Skyscraper What Doesn"t Kill You We Are Never before Getting Back With Each Other Poker Face3. Which one of them is bisexual? Lauren Ally Dinah Camila Normani None4. Who left? Which year? Dinah, 2015 Ally, 2017 Normani, 2014 Lauren, 2013 Camila, 20165. Who resides in California? Where? Lauren, San Diego Camila, Santa Monica Dinah, Santa Ana Normani, LA Ally, Sacramento6. "Girls who execute themselves" - Lauren Jauregui - Camila the reporter - Dinah Jane - Yollanda - Normani Kordei7. Who obtained locked out of their hotel room? Lauren Normani Camila Ally Dinah Jane8. Who"s Big Rob? Driver Manager and also stuff (Me: appropriate, who"s Simon Cowell?) Bodyguard Butler (Me: ummmm)9. Name their albums/EPs in order of the year they were released in. State the year. Better With Each Other & Juntos (2013), 7/27 (2014), Reflection (2015), 5th Harmony (to be released in 2018) Fifth Harmony (2012), 7/27 (2013), Better Together & Juntos (2015), Reflection (2016) Better With Each Other & Juntos (2013), Reflection (2014/15), 7/27 (2016), Fifth Harmony (2017)10. Who slut shamed them? On which show? Sarah Harding, Celebrity Big Brother Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon Little Mix, James Corden11. Whiich member is the youngest? Camila Dinah Lauren Normani Ally Idk

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Quiz topic: How well do I recognize Fifth Harmony?

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