I"m creating about the captains of sport teams. Each team has actually one and also just one captain. I"m confused on how to express this :

We will certainly connect this indevelopment to ...

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each team captaineach team"s captaineach groups captaineach teams" captain

It"s my understanding that each is followed by a singular as per https://dictionary.cambridge.org/fr/grammaire/grammaire-britannique/each, so I think I need to usage captain against captains (I could be wrong on this one too, though)

However, I"m perplexed with the "team" component. There are several teams, so have to I pluralize this word here ? Also, probably must I use the possessive "s ?

Which is the correct way to complete the sentence ?

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asked Feb 25 "19 at 23:23

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It have to be each team’s captain, because each indicates you’re talking about each of several groups individually, so you have the right to usage team’s as the singular possessive.

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answered Feb 25 "19 at 23:42

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After 2 various investigations and the testing of approximately 200 cookie-drink-combinations Fisher announced the teams’ findings.

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answered Feb 25 at 3:26

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