We tested and also compared the HPSpectre x360 versus the Lenovo Yoga C930 in terms of Performance, Display, Keyboard, Battery Quality and also even more. You will uncover the outcomes of the test in the ranking below. After that we provide you through the detailed tests of each Laptop.

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After a cold begin, the Lenovo Yoga C930 requirements an average of just a sensational 10.5 secs prior to it reacts to user input aget. Actually, you never before get the feeling of being “underpowered” on the road through the test configuration. Good – Yoga is not a gaming lappeak.

Only the Intel graphics (UHD Graphics 620) makes a big joke of all too ambitious gamer desires. A dedicated graphic is additionally not accessible for an extra charge.

Programs and also also astronomical Excel tables open quickly on the test tool. The regarded high job-related price is evidenced by the executed benchmarks.

The OpenGL test under Cinebench R15, for example, attests the Lenovo convertible an average of 55 structure repetitions per second. A look at the Cinebench points is more coherent, though. Here it becomes clear that Lenovo reduces the initially high CPU performance bit by bit, the much longer the test lasts.

You need to accept a few concessions in the battery life. Lenovo claims 14 hours for the version via a Full HD display screen, and also for the version with a UHD touchdisplay screen, which is obtainable to us, it must still be 9 hrs. But these 9 hrs are an optimal worth and more than likely only achievable if you let the convertible screen a static page in idle mode through a dimmed display.

In a typical blended mode, consisting of surfing the net, creating emails and also using word handling programs, the lights normally went out after an average of salso hours. Those who depend on lengthy battery life for their job-related need to therefore absolutely select the variant through a full HD display screen.

Fans and Webcam

You typically perform not hear the built-in fan. Surfing, texting – all this is generally done “fanless”. The blade wheel only starts up under load and then discreetly draws attention to itself via a constant hissing sound. It is not pervaded by a high-frequency sound and usually passes quickly once the fill does not soptimal. We didn’t alert the dreaded coil whimpering in the evaluation copy offered to us.

Like the ThinkPad Yoga X1, the Yoga C930 likewise has a slider through which the webvideo camera deserve to be mechanically closed. So you deserve to be sure that nobody is watching you privately. Tbelow is no alternative for a Windows Hello-enabled webcam. Unfortunately, the built-in webcam is not the yellow of the egg. If there is too little bit ambient light, the imeras are conveniently noisy. If tright here is as well much light, the image is easily outshined. Then the photo literally “pulsates”. However, it’s enough for a video clip chat by means of Skype, specifically because the integrated microphones are relatively excellent.


The Lenovo Yoga C930 looks incredibly great, fortunately it is just also made and have the right to stand also out from the competition via unique functions choose the “sound bar” and also the gorilla glass lid. We choose nearly everything we see.

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The bottom line is that you get a premium convertible through power reserves on your desk with this design, which has been thought with in information. Which brings the Lenovo Yoga C930 on the initially Rank versus the HP Spectre x360, because its Hardware and Display is perdeveloping extraplain well.