I am going higher! Aint gon" let nopoint sheight me currently. The evil one is a liar Gonna gain what God has actually spoken any type of how

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No more hesitation Im"ma sieze the minute our god is below. He"s right here to elevate you Just lift your hands and take it, That"s what you do
God’s currently spoken So I got to acquire my eyes on my prize (yeah) I cannot shed my focus So excuse me yet I’m runnin (Oh My) I recognize I’ve obtained to go through But it’s all a component of God’s perfect plan
So what I’m trynna tell you Is after you’ve done all you deserve to You Just stand also I’ve gained my joy back I’ve got my Peace earlier I’ve acquired my Swag back Took it back I Took it ago





I got my joy back I got my peace back I gained my swag back I took it earlier that did I took back that taking it back with me

I so love this song!!! Full of encouragement!! Full of God"s heart and also it"s such a prouncovered song that requirements to be heard almost everywhere the world!!! I so love this song. Matter of fact this song is our church family favorite song!!! I GOT TO GO HIGHER!!! YESSSSS!!!!!

I am going higher!Aint gon" let nothing stop me now.The devil is a liarGonna obtain what God has spoken any howNo more hesitationIm"ma sieze the moment our god is below.He"s here to elevate youJust lift your hands and take it,That"s what you doGod’s already spokenSo I acquired to acquire my eyes on my prize (yeah)I cannot lose my focusSo excusage me however I’m runnin (Oh My)I understand I’ve obtained to go throughBut it’s all a part of God’s perfect planSo what I’m trynna tell youIs after you’ve done all you canYou Just standI’ve obtained my joy backI’ve acquired my Peace backI’ve gained my Swag backTook it backI Took it back Can’t no evil one hell hold me dvery own. I’ve obtained to go higher<4x>I’ve obtained to go HIGHER <8x>

My little bit sister allways tell me to put better she love it so much. He"s taking us to a higher place

My little sister allmeans tell me to put greater she love it so much. He"s taking us to a greater place

This is for me this is what God is speaking in my life best currently. I"m walking in my season of bearing a lot fruit!!!!!

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Listened to this song in chemo this day it lifted my spirits had me dancing in my chair .lady beside me said take off those headphones we want to hear what your hearing.

This is what Im talking about! been praying and also looking for some warm Gospel. The Lord has taken me via a challenging duration and also is renewing my stamina every one of a sudden im off to do evangelism and objectives and also this is song is perfect! Sometimes you cant understand what is going on in the midst of the battle yet know that our wise God is working it out, be motivated saints Jesus is coming soon! enlist in the endtime army of soulwinners for Jesus Christ!!