In the situation it wasn’t already quite blatantly noticeable to all however those handful of quite determined readers hoping otherwise; I have been seriously neglecting the blog below. It is long overdue to be said but: Round Shape has actually concerned the end of its lengthy and also, to me and also hopecompletely at leastern a few others HELPFUL, run.

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I feel choose I’ve had a REALLY great time below in saying my item. I have asked many kind of concerns, increased many type of salient points and also posted a lot on my very own life as a fat woman. I’ve reached the suggest, but, wbelow the time, energy (and anger) I must craft the witty and thoughtful sorts of articles that I enjoy placing below is even more than I have to provide to this venture; especially when I’ve concerned feel that it is simply making the SAME point over and also over again, largely pgetting to to the choir.

Some great blogs to check out that I follow for news and empowerment in the field of discussions on fatness, and feminism, racism, sexuality, intersectionality, and also more:

If I ever before develop even more bit crochet-creatures you deserve to discover them on The write-ups below will continue to be up as an archive of the many great points done here at over the years (wow, yes, YEARS) that I AM in Shape, ROUND is a Shape, has been up and running.

As for me? I plan to save dancing (the spring schedule is currently filling up!!), loving life, working at libraries with the sometimes incredibly exciting patron, following the above and various other blogs to save abreastern of the civilization of fatness, body acceptance and also news about all the many kind of things I’ve complied with because before I decided to thrust forth into this blogging venture.

Thank you so incredibly a lot to all the folks that have read my words, found worth within them, and followed me here. You are all remarkable, thoughtful human being who urged me to stay on here much longer than I think I would have actually otherwise.

Keep being beautitotally impressive you lovely readers and also might all your endeavors be effective and also as-long-lived as necessary for you to acquire out of it what you desire out of them. Shake your body-happiness at eextremely opportunity and also I will view you approximately the Fat-o-Sphere!

Shimmies from your Roundly Shaped April D.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="size-tool wp-image-2068" alt="Roar! Be fierce, live your happiness, do not neglect your sadness, exude joy once you"re joyful and hurt once you"re pained. Feel the wonder of each breath given in your body; however it is shaped or drawn. You are beautiful, powerful, and also impressive bereason you are YOU." src="" width="225" height="300" srcset=" 225w, 450w, 113w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px" />Roar! Be fierce, live your happiness, don’t overlook your sadness, exude joy when you’re joyful and hurt as soon as you’re pained. Feel the wonder of each breath given in your body; however it is shaped or drawn. You are beautiful, effective, and also amazing because you are YOU.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class=" wp-image-2063 " alt="New hair cut! I feel choose a wintery woodland also nymph!" src="" width="432" height="576" srcset=" 432w, 113w, 225w, 720w" sizes="(max-width: 432px) 100vw, 432px" />New hair cut! I feel choose a wintery woodland nymph!

At my annual obgyn appointment yesterday, while saddened to not have actually my old medical professional who scaled ago her practice in order to spend even more time through household, I did have actually a fine exam by an additional professional at the very same facility with no difficulties. Not just did weight never before come up in my brief time with the doctor, I had actually possibly the easiest time of all refutilizing to get on the range for the pre-appointment check-in percentage of the appointment. When the nurse was fitting me through a blood pressure cuff she was laying out the actions we’d be taking next. After “then I’ll get your weight and elevation and we’ll obtain you settled into the room” I pasupplied, beginning to gain worried and ultimately blurted out “Actually, I don’t execute scales”. The response was a fabulous, “Ok. That’s fine”. Simple. Easy. Professional. Talk around a happy moment! And perhaps this number not being front and forea lot of on the pages of details the physician review brought about HER not bringing up the topic either. (While my old medical professional was excellent around keeping the appointment to things *I* actually lugged up as comes to, I absolutely HAVE been in situations wright here that WASN’T the case, once the physician had her fingers all up in that “I’m feeling your ovaries from the INSIDE” position and ranted on at me around the horrors of being fat and, basically, ME.)

So, there’s that. A great, quick, (healthy and balanced report on basic vitals and bits for those interested) doctor’s visit as a “morbidly obese” womale.

I survived a fairly icy storm on Monday and hear that we have actually one more comparable possibility of icy ick for tomorrow. Blech!

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="size-medium wp-image-2064" alt="The ice I chipped off my vehicle on Monday. " src="" width="300" height="225" srcset=" 300w, 600w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />The ice I chipped off my vehicle on Monday.

I’ve began posting on my blog aget after a couple of month hiatus so that’s likewise fun. *waves to the few stalwart readers still popping in or dropping by the front web page after finding among my few crochet patterns*

I’ve been crafting up a little and finding that I’ve come even more strongly to terms with what is important to me in my own life in regards to time-invested and also energies expfinished for the perkid I’m crafting for. I’ve additionally created and sent off my first ever commissioned item and also absolutely realized that crafting for monies or *hah* Profit, is not for me. I’m even more a “knit it for the love of it” sort of Witty Knitter/Crocheter!

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="size-tool wp-image-2065" alt="Wee Peacock is asking you...What?" src="" width="300" height="300" srcset=" 300w, 600w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />Wee Peacock is asking you…What?

That’s the update from this lovely fat chick. What’s going on in your neck of the “woods”? Is it YOUR seachild as well? Are are you still in the winter of another’s season, waiting for yours to ultimately come around?

This enattempt was posted on December 20, 2012, in Mental Health.1 CommentWhat’s your glimmer ofjoy?

There has actually been…well points have been rather horrific in the news of late. Slaughtered children, bombings, fiscal cliffs, pending laws to remove civil liberties. It’s enough to make anyone pull at their hair in frustration at the people and the lack of impact one easy perkid can have upon it.

However, tright here are constantly those small glimmers of light and also hope that shine through. A teacher that, though herself slain in the process, saved the stays of many type of kids. Heroes who carry food, water, assist and hope to those in dire situations. Simple words of kindness or explanation to make feeling of the horrible on a dark and dreary day. Encouragement from people you didn’t even realize you HAD in your edge. Small victories, shards of brilliance, folks constantly striving to fight on and make this human being a much better, more respectful, even more diversity-appreciative place.

Something I’ve found lately that enables my mind to travel thoughtful routes (aside from those of the pressing and also important yet, at times, overwhelming ones fronted by the media ideal now) is a set of videos by Mike Rugnetta seeking to explore assorted facets of society and also entertainment. He delves right into some fascinating questions that have actually given my husband and I lots to talk about. We specifically found fun Rugnetta’s quick insight right into just how “Bronies” are changing our interpretations of masculinity:

With the stress of holidays compounded with stressful national and world-wide events, I ask for YOUR shining moments. What inspires you lately? What gets YOU via the pressing S.A.D that the grey and also dreary weather often tends to bring to many of us? What keeps YOUR head calm in the middle of the horror?

So I was automatically intrigued once I noticed that there was a new arsenal of dolls that Disney was promoting: Villains! Ursula!!! Fat, evil, amazing, octopus, Ursula from The Little Mermaid! Oh male if I might gain somepoint like that, buying digital would be so fun!

I had high wishes but believed I was being cautiously hopetotally rather of idealistically unrealistic. Turns out, I need to admit that I still was shocked and also saddened when I observed the dolls in the “Disney Villain Designer Collection” and also realized that while they DO have actually the awesome Ursula from The Little Mermaid….they made that large, fat, impressive character…right into a waif-choose representation not at all like the original.

I expect, seriously???? Come ON. So, what are they saying? That you can’t be “Designer” without being straight-sized-version thin and posed in a seductive manner? Freaking….I expect, aside from light purple skin you tell ME exactly how this also remotely resembles the original fat, octopussy character (While loooking for pics, I realize that Jezebel also points out this unfortunate change):

Even the Queen of Hearts is decreased to the very same, boring, almost duck-confronted, pouty, seductress posed and super-thin sized body doll. *sigh*

It’s sad as soon as the biggest point ON these dolls, that are supposed to be glam-styled representations of evil villains of various sizes and shapes but nearly tantamount levels of malevolence; is their poofy skirt.

It’s negative sufficient that us fatties have just ever before had actually villains in our body size but for Disney to erase also that has given me a large sad, as an LOLCat could say.

This entry was posted on October 12, 2012, in Are You Kidding?, Fashion.10 CommentsRolling via life!

I keep forgaining just how long it has actually been because my last post. Every time I think of somepoint to location right here it transforms out that weeks or also months have passed! Yikes! It gets tough wanting to gain riled up and also ranty for all the many various and sundry means that the human being about me hates my body size and shape and would love nopoint more than for me to give in, give up, submit to incessant public demands to hate myself and prostrate myself prior to the transform of Potentially Getting Thin(ner). So, as I’m fairly enjoying being a lovely, confident, presently ranting-on-organize, fat woguy, I will rather article some highlights of what I’ve been as much as of late

Last weekfinish, I obtained to attfinish a medieval themed wedding in a mountain-esque area New York. Tright here were some awesome statues exterior in the gardens at the wedding website and also I couldn’t stand up to a picture!

Prior to that I was dancing for assorted occasions in central Mass. One of which was a Pride occasion that totally ROCKED! The energy of the folks cheering us on was exhilarating. The crowd loved our moves to Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”.

I likewise applied for a fun sounding position at a fairly adjacent town’s public library…but supplied the wrong TOWN NAME 3 times in the coverletter and also email. What’s worse is that it wasn’t a matter of using an old coverletter and forgaining to rearea the company/library name. I introduced the errors manually. C’est la vie, so it wasn’t meant to be!

I’m crocheting a half-sized Dr. Who scarf for Adam D. so he deserve to wear it more generally than the full sized 13-foot scarf of uber-awesomeness.

No other fun library interactions of note to report since the “Artist” came by (and also for those wondering, I haven’t checked out him since…)

I’ve newly check out 2 books with fatness as a theme/major component.

The United States of Air was a fabulously funny and, at the exact same time, horrifyingly chilling satire on the US’s twin obsessions: Fatness (and it’s eradication) and Wars on Things/People/Ideals. Agent Frolick is the Ambassador to France, relating his personal story of how he involved totally think in the US’s brand-new Prophet’s needs that human being subsist only on eating Air. Caloric intake is Food Terrorism. The components I found many frightening were those that, outside of this book’s people, many human being would certainly off-the-cuff agree to as a “solution” to all us darned fatties existing in this realm! (Fat Camps, fatties sent out without trial to such areas to learn to “eat air”, advance in any army or federal government establishment based solely upon waist size, corruption of the highest order…)Butter tells the story of one fat boy’s often sad and also all also relate-able attempts to simply gain through life. He finds himself thrust right into popularity as soon as, in the depths of depression and also self-loathing, he starts a blog dedicated to the count-down until the night he plans to eat himself to death. It was a well-created, though definitely trope-y book via a character who is overweight (according to the book) mostly bereason he overeats significantly. For that factor it held less appeal than it can have as a touching story about a troubled boy finding his way.

What’s next? More dancing this weekfinish, a new hair today that reveals, as soon as more, my neck to the glorious breezes of Autumn. What’s following on YOUR plate?

This enattempt was posted on September 25, 2012, in Mental Health, Level Ol" Fun.6 CommentsPublication Review: Memoirs of an ImaginaryFriend

Book:  Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Dicks

Rating: ♦♦♦◊◊

Synopsis Snippet: Budo is lucky as imaginary friends go. He’s been alive for more than five years, which is positively primitive in the human being of imaginary friends. But Budo feels his age, and also thinks constantly of the day once eight-year-old Max Delaney will soptimal believing in him. When that happens, Buperform will certainly disshow up.

The Cast:  Rather an amazing mix of assorted Imaginary Friends of differing levels of imagining. From specks on wall surfaces that just blink to feisty fairies who fly and scold to almost entirely humanoid characters absent just a few aspects such as eyebrows or legs. Budo has actually seen many an imaginary friend in his day! Budo’s imaginer: Max, is a young boy on the Autism spectrum whose social interactions are rather restricted. Budo explores more and sees a couple of characters of slight diversity.

Romance Aspects: None to stop of, though Buperform appears to have actually an nearly crush on among the woguys he observes on his nightly jaunts to a local gas terminal.

Language: The composing was a simple and a little bit juvenile in places; as though listening to Buperform that, while more intelligent than the boy that imagined him, is still rather young in mind.

Fat treatment: Nopoint good but no epic moments of faientice come to mind.

Review: The premise is great; a story about one boy as checked out via his imaginary friend Budo. Humor, learning about Max’s challenges in navigating his human being and also require for his imaginary friend and the actual suspenseful plot bits were great. However before, tbelow was a lot of repetition and also extra bits that just dragged the pace dvery own for me. I had actually to press through the last 1/3 of the book despite that being wright here the plot all began to wrap up because I was pretty sick of Bucarry out whining by that allude.

Great Quotes: Some awesome tidbits that could obtain your curiosity going.

“I wish tbelow was a Heaven. If I knew tright here was a Heaven for me, then I would certainly conserve Max for certain. I wouldn’t be afrhelp because there would certainly be a place to go after this area. Anvarious other location. But I don’t think tright here is a Heaven, and I absolutely don’t think tright here is a Heaven for imaginary friends. Heaven is only expected to be for people who God made, and God didn’t make me. Max made me.”

“You have to be the bravest perkid in the human being to go out everyday being yourself once no one likes that you are.”

Final Verdict: If you preferred Room you will certainly uncover much to love in Matthew Dicks’ novel. While I did feel that some of the repetition was over-kill by the end the endearing characteristics and down-to-earth reflections Bucarry out provides throughout will certainly acquire you reasoning and, if you find someone else to read it, offer you lots to discuss!

So, have you read this yet? Would you now want to? Would you suggest it to someone else?

This entry was posted on September 13, 2012, in Publication Reviews.Leave a comment“I’m….an Artist.” Adventures inLibrarianship

I had actually an interesting interactivity in my part-time role as a Reference Librarian in a public library from a little bit earlier that I thought can be fun to share on this near-end-of-summer Thursday.

(Scene opens)

Nat an early stage 8:10pm. We close at 8:30. Tall, thinnish, mid-30’s-40’s white man in a clean oselection polo asks for scrap paper and also pencil. He sits at the patron desk ideal alongside my work desk. A few minutes pass as I end up up deleting some old books.

Guy: Excusage me. Do you perform art?

Me: ….ANYTHING creative or did I study it? Are you trying to find BOOKS on art? Inspiration of some kind?….

Guy: No. I meant study art. See…. *dramatic pausage, looks up at me from under his eyelashes through a smug look of self importance* I’m an Artist.

Me: Okay.

Guy: …So. I made this….carving.

Me: (Dude I am SOOO not interesting in your carvings…but please DO go on). Okay.

Guy: A BEAR carving.


Me: Out of wood or…

Guy: Yes.

Me: Okaaaay. (Where in the heck is the question here???)

Guy: Yeah. I sculpted this bear. And, watch, I’m a little bit disappointed in myself for doing it.

Me: …..

Guy: I intend it’s a NICE bear. Looks favor any OTHER sculpted wood bear you might watch by someone who *gets an additional gleam of self-love in his eye* carved a bear with a SAW.

Me: Mh hmmmm, sure, of course…. (Divine FUCK wright here is this man GOING via this?!?!)

Guy: So. It’s a good bear. Even melted it so it’s black. You recognize, a Babsence Bear?

Me: ……mmm hmmm

Guy: But I feel like it’s missing something…

Me: (OOH! He needs ideas! I can HELP get him books on that. Reference Librarian Powers: ACTIVATE!) Oh, so you have to figure out exactly how to fin…

Guy: (all interupt-y) No. I don’t need to number it out. That’s what I was illustration. See. When I was sawing…. carving. I cut a small also deep right into the bear’s belly. So, simply under his arms there’s this deeper slice. And I was thinking. See…

*gets approximately walk the few inches to my desk to display me his “imaginative doodle” of a “bear” with a fucking KNIFE in it’s gut.

Me: ….

Guy: I was thinking I could put a KNIFE in that slice, ya know? Somepoint like that. Is that creepy?

Me: You expect this conversation?

Guy: The knife point.

Me: Oh! (Crap, that was out loud?) Well, no. Have you ever been to the George Pompideou?

Guy: ….?

Me: Modern art museums? Avant-guarde stuff? Yeah, no. It’s absolutely a little bit macabre but it isn’t creepy or really that inexplicable. A conversation starter for sure. (Dear god I’m NEVER gonna gain outta here on time. )

Guy: But carry out you think it would be GOOD?

Me: Do you mean….would certainly it be even more MARKETABLE? Or even more Artistic? I can’t really stop to either personally….

Guy: Causage it’s a good bear.

Me: *shuffling documents desperately as the clock clicks ever closer to closing time* Right….

Guy: So what sort of knife perform you think? A kitchen knife?

Me: (!!!?? What. The. Fucking. FUCK?) Uh….a ginsu? Then you might put a sharpener in the slot and speak to it a knife sharpener.

Guy: Oh I could put choose a credit-card sharpener in it. You understand, like from those late-night shows? Wbelow they chop a tomato and also a credit card?

Me: (oh. my. god. Just fucking agree with every little thing. Maybe he’ll go ameans.) Mmm hmm. Yeah. Sounds good. It would certainly sure be imaginative.

Guy: Yeah. Hey thanks for the paper and pencil. I just…wanted to attract that idea out. Here’s the additional. And your pencils back. See: this is the bear. Yeah.

Me: (another night at the public library. Exit, phase left. And SCENE)

What I learned from this adventure?

When a male starts his question through “So, perform you carry out art”? Your answer have to be “No. No, I execute not” lest you be dragged right into a baffling 10 minutes of hearing an “Artist” describe exactly how he carved a bear. With a saw. And desires to put a KNIFE into the mistake he made in it….so it will certainly be creepy. Or something. Yeah.

It was rather an amazing moment in life and really a great reminder of the huge variety of individualities one can enrespond to in the public library (and also the civilization in general). Any fun encounters you’ve had actually lately?

This enattempt was posted on August 23, 2012, in Level Ol" Fun.9 CommentsFinally Finished: Ode to the PicardManeuver

This video is somepoint I’ve been functioning towards for over a year I think. It has actually taken a long time, in incredibly little doses of occupational, to acquire this done. So, to promote working hard and lengthy towards fun objectives I now current for your viewing pleacertain an “Ode to the Picard Maneuver”: a compilation video of every time Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise (the Next off Generation) tugs his unidevelop shirt. Prepare to giggle and also enjoy! Anyone else have fun tasks to share?

I’m most likely behind the sphere by a lot on this however in instance you haven’t seen it and still occur to be checking this lagging blog beastie for excellent news tidbits: inspect out Holley Mangold and also her response to Conan’s fairly crude and rude comments around this exceptional weightlifter.

This womale is confident, remarkable, solid, fat and totally fabulous. One of her quotes that I loved:

“My parental fees just constantly told me I could be whatever I wanted to be,” she claims, “and also, silly me, I believed them.”

Swoon! So check out up if you require an uplifting minute for body positivity this week as the Olympics obtain under way!

This enattempt was posted on August 1, 2012, in In the News.5 CommentsYA Book gets something right (The Predicteds by ChristineSeifert)

I haven’t finished the book but I’m around a 3rd of the means into The Predicteds by Christine Seifert (a YA books with sci-fi undertones around utilizing science to predict a person’s future potential for criminal acts or various other behaviors).

I’ve pertained to a scene which I feared was going to derail this book into the hated Fat Trope region and also was so happily surprised to satisfy a primary character I discovered sympathetic and reasonable. In YA lit! When surrounded by Fat Talk!

I seriously smiled and clapped for the author.

While the character is not the big and confident fatty I’d love to check out around she’s at leastern got some lovely perspective on the Fat Talk Phenomenon that was rather awesome and worth applauding.

Let’s hear it for someone acquiring it appropriate for a change!

Here’s the quote:

“God, I’m fat,” January says, looking down at her scrawny legs, her skinny arms dangling at her side.

“You are not,” Dizzy claims. Then she sighs heavily and pushes her plate amethod from her. “I shouldn’t be eating this. I’m going to look favor a cow in that suit.” She glumly tosses the optimal back in the bag. Dizzy is hardly fat. Nonetheless , she and January proceed to go ago and also forth around who is fatter, each claiming to be a bigger blimp than the various other.

I heard these kinds of conversations prior to at Academy. I understand also that it’s a routine, somepoint that is intended to make girls feel much better, however it never does, bereason the conversation always repeats, stuck in a loop forever. I feel lucky that I have never been part of this. I’ve just never felt negative about my body. I’ve never before felt too fat or specifically skinny. Melissa did something – at some allude in my life – that made me feel okay around who I am. Too bad she couldn’t bottle that and market it. We’d be rich.

(Page 102, The Predicteds)

Notes in brackets are my enhancements to make the out of context quote a bit less complicated to area IN context. While I’m not sure I totally believe there are many kind of teens out tright here that don’t have body issues I would certainly LOVE to live in a people wright here that was more the norm. The truth that such a scene through Fat Talk/Fat Bashing might even take area in a YA novel and have actually the primary character remark that it seemed to be an completely silly and also self-beating routine was encouraging to me. Perhaps one of the first and also largest actions towards self acceptance (and acceptance of the rights of others to the same) is to action out of these negative rituals, to see them for the damaging hate-fests they are and also start to see them as NOT a part of crucial social discourse.

I remain ever hopeful that such could at one point be the case!


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