This movie is an excellent activity packed movie I’m puzzled as to why they still haven’t came out through a second one
Loved the movie as an adult and also was expecting sequels as it finished as if a sequel was planned. Was exceptionally disappointed, again, that producers miss out on their note. I review they sassist sequel was shelved because of poor ratings. Well based upon my research I watch it is loved by the and also adults a prefer. And they certainly profited worldwide. Why are producers sooooo stupid? I alert they pay closer attention to Rotten Tomatoes ... movie critics who need to get one star for their incapacity to recognize good movies that are well received by the public. Cant stand also the movie critics....they damage it for the remainder of us. I LOVE I am Four and also firmly think they should film a sequel or produce a series....even much better.

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I believed it was a good movie. Tbelow is fairly a bit of violence yet not much blood. Tright here are some kissing scenes but not that a lot. I think this is a GREAT MOVIE.
Wonderful movie. We need a the second component of this movie. I readed all publications of this series. And I am exited for watching the next component The Power of Six. Please make it
Aswome movie simply make sequels we need even more part of this movies. Please make it. Finish this project. I asked for to the Disney studio's for re opening this job. Many kind of are waiting for this movie. So make The power of 6 MR Director DJ.Caruso
My 6th grader and his friends love this book series, ( Scholastic book club sells these books) so once my kid asked to rent the movie I agreed. Huge mistake! It is rated PG 13, however the violence, and also torture in this movie is shocking and disturbing. I am 38 years old and couldn't watch some of the scenes. Why is it vital to include a horrific torture scene that isn't even in the book? What is wrong with our culture that we are okay with this?
incredibly basic film hardly anypoint negative nothing to be scared of but you might desire to talk to your kids around why this is happening
BESIDES VIOLENCE THIS MOVIE REALLY IS NOT BADVERTISEMENT A AWESOME ALIEN intrusion that could be... ok this movie is off from 1 to 4 pause for 5 to 6 and perfect for ages 7 and up
This movie is simply fine as lengthy as everyone knows this isn't real that being shelp this is just one of my favorite movies and also to watch this you have to realize that youngsters shoud make tright here own boundries instead of mommy or dad making tright here guidelines 6th grade and up is my idea there is no sexual actions the chacters are pretty friendly and the violance isn't incredibly heavy probably one or 2 schenes ayone have the right to see this as long as thy're A. mature B. understanding its not actual and also C. have actually prevalent sence
As a parent I thought it was a really good sci fi movie. Alex Pettyfer is not as young looking as in his previous movies so he kind of looks choose he's a little old for high college however still a good movie. I don't respeak to there being alot of language but tright here are scary scenes that can frighten younger kids.

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Three are dead. He is Number Four. D.J. Caruso ("Eagle Eye," "Disturbia") helms an action-packed thriller around an extraordinary young guy, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), who is a fugitive on the run from ruthmuch less adversaries sent out to ruin him. Changing his identity, relocating from tvery own to town via his guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant), John is always the new child through no ties to his previous. In the small Ohio tvery own he currently calls house, John encounters unmeant, life-transforming events-his initially love (Dianna Agron), powerful brand-new abilities and a link to the others that share his tremendous destiny. John (Alex Pettyfer) is an extraplain young male, masking his true identification and passing as a typical student to elude a deadly opponent seeking to destroy him. Three prefer him have already been eliminated...he is Number Four. Based on the book by Pittacus Lore.well an additional Sci-Fi teen romance flick, it was on my NOT INTERESTED list however tbelow wasn't anypoint else to do in my boring summer holidays so i experienced it on TV. i have to be hoswarm the movie is pretty below average and dull the entirety time but it gets superbly thrilling in the direction of the end and also thats is why i offered it extra fifty percent star. screenplay has some big problems which my friends is a nowadays difficulty via eexceptionally single movie, why can't they concentprice on the composing rather of the visuals? story was not that interesting but still acceptable, i am still a teenager, come on i really obtain effected and also charmed by the whole Teen romance thing. editing and enhancing was awful. Directed by D.J. Caruso who's Disturbia was over average to me but Eagle Eyes was somepoint i enjoyed watching. he likes this teenager sci fi or teen thrillers i think. but his direction in this movie is extremely poor.the special results were really below average, not impressed by them. it had few action scenes however nice one. the ending big finale was the just thing i actually took pleasure in watching. that is what was thrilling and suspenseful and also pretty entertaining. around the casting thing. i preferred the totality good looks and also churts of Alex Pettyfer however he can't act well. as much as i am a die tough fan of GLEE, i don't prefer Dianna Agron looks or her acting skills she looks great in the Cheerleader costumes though. other actors include Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer, Callan McAuliffe , Kevin Durand also , Jake Abel. ofcourse poor performances are somepoint you will certainly expect from it.this movie is an additional teen sci fi romantic flick which i am getting so sicked of right currently. it has that Twilight charm to it yet much worst than it. it was an experiment wen't wrong. honestly if you wan't to have an excellent time you can watch it but you will need to wait for the ending to actually have that genuine fun. exceptionally dull movie i didn't preferred it.