"I Am Offensive and also I Find This…" is a snowclone expression typically used on Web humor sites in response to a video clip or image post that may be reputed offensive to a particular group of audience. The phrase can be viewed as a parody of those that are quickly offended by racy humor and at risk to let it be well-known in the comments.

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Though it is unclear what YouTube comment using this syntaxes was posted first, it was supplied as early as November 18th, 2011 on the Naruto Forums<1> in a thcheck out stating whether or not the character Kubo thought human being with naturally red hair had actually souls. At one point, a now-banned poster called Whirlpool responded to the thread initially stating they he or she was ginger and also was offended by the commentary prior to utilizing the inverted syntaxes to make a joke.



That December, a Facebook fan web page for the phrase "I am offensive and also uncover this babsence."<2> launched, obtaining 76 fans as of October 2013. Later that month, "I am offensive and also I uncover this black" was supplied in the comments of a deviantART<3> on a sex-related comic portraying an original character based on one more deviantART user undergoing a race transformation from caucasian to African Amerihave the right to. In January 2012, the phrase had actually appeared on Tumblr for the initially time on the Ask Blog askgamerponies<4>, wbelow "I am offensive and I find this Jewish" was used in response to an anti-Semitic comment (presented below).


By April 2012, the phrase started to be used as the title of short articles on humor website 9gag<5> as a preemptively strike on write-ups that could possibly be viewed as offensive by a particular group. In December 2012, "I am offensive and also I discover this a man" was provided as a nonsense title for a thread on the Resident Evil forums.<6> The same month, the phrase "I am offensive and I find this grumpy" showed up as a title for an image of Grumpy Cat responding to a holiday round ornament with the words "Happy Whatever before Doesn"t Offend You" (displayed below) on MemeCenter.

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<7> In the first fifty percent of 2013, two extra Facebook fan pages<8><9> for variations on the expression were produced.