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Your Deep Rest/You’re Depressed

I’m lucky. I’ve never before lost a friend to self-destruction. But I’ve come close to losing one. The Hotelier’s track Your Deep Rest sheds light on what life could be prefer for a someone left behind by self-destruction. It ranges from sadness, to fear, to regret, to guilt. This song has been pelevated as one of the ideal emo revival songs of the century (Ok. bold). BUT STILL, to quote a YouTube comment, “This would have actually been expensive in 2004.” Yes. Yes it would have. AND IT’S HUGE TODAY. Or at least it must be.

For some, this song is a factor to live. That might sound hyperbolic, however I truly think this song can and has actually preserved human being alive. I’ve assumed that for a while. Because prior to I even thought about composing for OWOB. The method the lyrics convey depression as a hereditary problem:

They diagnosed you born that method.

They say in runs in your family.

A aware eracertain of functioning class background

where despair trickles dvery own

The way people are meant to address depression, in a one dimension fits all mentality.

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Imwell balanced chemical crutch. Open up. Swenable down.

Furthermore, I’m stuck on the reality that the song’s narrator “referred to as in sick” to his friend’s funeral. As if it’s somepoint you have the right to overlook and also opt out of. Not going to a funeral doesn’t change the fate of the deceased or the life you press with from that moment on.

I called in sick from your funeral.

The sight of your family members made me feel responsible.

Sidenote:While doing a small research study on this, I learned the word oronym. An oronym is “a string of words or a expression that sounds the same as one more string of words or phrase, yet is spelled in a different way.” I learned that Your Deep Rest is an oronym for You’re Depressed.

In the band’s Reddit AMA, a psychological health and wellness counselor wrote in saying, “I wanted to say, your music has gained a couple of of my suicidal teenage patients with some severe shit, and also I find many your job-related to be therapeutic and cathartic. Thanks for that.”

Thanks The Hotelier for again reminding us that we’re not alone. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255