The "I Can See Your Corpse from Here!" challenge in Southern Shelf - Bay needs actioning 4 telescopes. I discovered one on the ship, one on the fort"s optimal level, and also one in-in between the bridges, but it"d be great to display all four areas in greater information. (There"s also a telescope exterior Liar"s Berg, however I do not think it counts.)



They"re all near the Bay"s fort.

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In-between the two bridges en course to the fort, encountering ago wtherefore you cameAoptimal the fort (the height level), looking over the waterAround the archipelago of scrap lumber in the water, cshed to yet prior to the ship, looking out over the waterOn the ship"s upper level, dealing with in the direction of the fort



I uncovered this:

I can check out your corpse from below You have to find all the telescopes in the southern shelf bay. The initially one is rather easy. You will uncover it inside the little camp as you increase up the hill after the ferry. The next 2 can be found on the boats in the town, and also the last one will certainly be found on that highest possible point in the tvery own.




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