A fellow dropped me some email and also asked if I knew the poem that had the words "Ladles and also Jellyspoons". I asked approximately and also received the answer (Thank You, Rebecca J. Bohner), and also now current it here for anyone else that is curious.

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The art job-related is mine.

Ladles and Jellyspoons,

I come before you, to stand behind you, To tell you something I understand nopoint around. Next Thursday, which is Good Friday, Tright here will certainly be a mothers" meeting for fathers just. Admission is cost-free, pay at the door, Pull up a seat and also sit on the floor. We will be mentioning the 4 corners of the round table.

Author: Unknown


Little did I understand as soon as I put the over below that tbelow was even more than one version of this childhood favorite. As time has actually gone by, folks have so extremely kindly sent along the versions they learned.

Brian Olshansky composed to say that a version of this poem shows up in an old book called Rocket in My Pocket.

James Dewolf created to say he memorized this from a book (thick hardcover) called The Winged Horse in around 1968, including, "I think it had a few even more lines than your example."

Barbee Sjodahl emailed me the adhering to variation, saying it was the initially item she ever before memorized as a child:

Dear Ladies and also Jellyspoons

I come before you to stand also behind you And tell you something I recognize nothing about

Next off Thursday, which is Good Friday, tright here will certainly be a Mothers meeting, for Fathers only.

Wear your best apparel if you haven"t any kind of, and also if you deserve to come, please remain at residence.

Admission"s cost-free pay at the door. Take a seat and sit on the floor.

It provides no difference where you sit The male in the gallery"s certain to spit.

Ursula Roberts readily available up this version:

I come before you, to stand behind you To tell you something I recognize nopoint about Next Thursday, the day after Friday There"ll be a women meeting for gentlemales just Admission is free, so you have the right to pay at the door No matter where you sit the child in the gallery is certain to spit.

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And Chris Davis composed to say:

"I have actually been searching for this poem for years. I remember portraying it as a child and attracted a photo of a male giving a lecture on fishing, having recorded a boot on the end of his line. The poem was publimelted in a BBC booklet which went with a radio programme. As I remember,it was composed by Spike Milligan, the well known UK comedy writer and also poet. Thank you for reuniting me with an old friend!"

Nia says, "Just wanted to include that I memorized the complying with version in 4th grade (would certainly have been 1992 or 1993)":

Ladies and jellyspoons, I come prior to you to stand behind you and also tell you somepoint I know nothing about. Next off Thursday, the day after Friday, there will be a ladies" meeting for men just. Wear your ideal apparel, if you haven"t any kind of, and if you have the right to come, please remain residence. Admission is cost-free, you can pay at the door. We"ll offer you a seat, so you have the right to sit on the floor. It provides no distinction wbelow you sit, the child in the gallery is sure to spit."

"I"m not precisely certain about the line breaks. I just remember it showed up in a book called A Popple in Your Pocket, a collection of well-known silly children"s poems publiburned by Random House, alongside an illustration of Popples attending a meeting and also a child spitting in the background. I meant the title was a take-off of A Rocket in Your Pocket, the book Ladles and also Jellyspoons was supposed to have initially showed up in. And it certainly showed up with the "ladies and also jellyspoons" beginning, not "ladles and jellyspoons

Kcurrently a version of Ladles and also Jellyspoons that you don"t see over . . . ? Sfinish it together with wbelow you found and/or remembering from.