WARNING: Before you think these are sindicate awesome and start hanging them everywhere the office, have actually some important assumed on the agenda, trajectory and byproducts, despite the excellent intent. More on this here: When Only More Guilt Will Do

Safety Poems by Don Merrell

hotmail.com )He is happy for you to recreate and usage any of the poems in any type of, non commercial, way to promote safety and security and also to share them through anyone who can find them of interemainder or use. His only research is that the poem continue to be intact and also his name and call indevelopment remain with the poem.

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Think Twice

Though you can not occupational safely,Out of are afraid for your life,You have to for the sake,
When the moneys all gone,And there’s bills still to pay,And possibly just another,Small son on the means.And what of your children,
Just think of just how negative,Life can be for them,Growing up through no Dad!With no one to take them,On trips to the lake,And no one to help,When they’ve made a mistake.So prior to taking chances,That simply might take your life,First remember – Think Twice,

Are You Next off ?

Was a quarter previous eight,When he walked with the gate,To the time clock and punched in his card.And he hoped that the boss,And the luck of the toss,Would not offer him a project that was difficult.For he was out late,
And last night he felt good,But this morning was paying the bill.His eyes were shot red,And the pain in his head,Felt choose it was trying to kill.But the project that was his,Was as negative as tright here is,It certain sounded dusty and warm.The chute in the dryer,Is eat up by the fire ,
So rearea it prior to it gets caught.He was not one to shirk,So he went straight to job-related,Though he’d fairly drink coffee and also talk.It was when he obtained tright here,He found out with despair,He did not have actually his safety and security lock.It was too much to walk,Just to get the darn lock,So he believed that he’d simply take the possibility.His existence was well-known,And the primary switch was thrvery own,Or it had looked that means at a glance.It was nine forty-three,When he gained the chute cost-free,And he sat where he was simply to rest.And just how, we don’t understand,Or simply why it was so,Somehow the wrong button was pressed.He was recorded by surpincrease,And started to increase,But he slipped and also dropped level on his back.And he began to shout,But the chute he’d reduced out,Came roughly and the people went all black.They heard his last scream,and also shut down the machine,To see what the noise was around.He was hidden in dirt,And they kbrand-new he was hurt,So they hurried and also shortly had actually him out.His confront was all red,From a hole in his head,And they didn’t check out just how he might last.Though it didn’t look excellent,They still did what they might,To the hospital they rushed him, and quick.He woke up in bed,With a bandaged up head,His wife was tbelow sitting adjacent.And her eyes were all red,From the tears that she burned,Thturbulent the days that they believed he can die.For two days and also a night,It had been rather a fight,And several times death had actually been close to.He’d be 6 months in bed,So the physician had actually sassist,And he’d be out of work for a year.There’s no need to describe,The level of his pain,Or the burden it inserted on his wife.So let us just say,He acquired caremuch less one day,The mistake practically expense him his life.I simply hope that we view,And I intend you and me,That it’s time, to sheight acting like fools.For such might be our fate,The following time through the gate,If we don’ t obey safety rules.Don Merrelldonmerrell

For the Life of a Friend

What would I have done, to conserve my friends life,Had I well-known he was going to die.What would I provide now, not to wake up at night,To grieve, and to ask myself why?The danger that he took, should not have actually appeared badNo worse than some others he’d taken.He assumed he could save time, without gaining hurt,And this time, he was sindicate mistaken.We cannot take back that horrible day,Our chances were missed, and they’re gone.Now, all we can carry out, is to learn from the loss,And improve things, as we carry on.For the Life of a Frifinish – are we willing to Change,The method we mean points to be?For the Level of Safety, on which resides depfinish,Is established by you, and by me.The habits and dangers, we accept as a group.Set the bar, as soon as decisions are made.The rules and measures don’t count close to as a lot,As the care, and concern that we’ve phelp.For the Life of a Frifinish – are we willing to Look,At each project task, as if it were new?To be certain all the hazards, are recognized, and also controlled,And that everyone knows what to perform.For the Life of a Friend – are we willing to Learn,The policies, measures, and also rules?For employee security, and danger correction,They’re important, and also useful tools.For the Life of a Friend – are we willing to Stop,And say No, when the job is not right?And job-related via the difficulties, to acquire them resolved.Not ignored, or just relocated out of sight.For the Life of a Frifinish – are we willing to Speak,When we check out, someone else might acquire hurt?To challenge the risk, the tools, or the task,Or their sindicate, not being alert.For the Life of a Friend – are we willing to Thank,Those who carry out their task, Safely and also Well?If we want them to understand, exactly how crucial that is,Then it’s them, that we a lot of must tell.We cannot save doing, what we’ve constantly done,And mean points to adjust in the end.

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We have to improve, or on some future day,We will GrieveFor the Life of a Friend.Don Merrelldonmerell

I Chose to Look The Other Way

I can have actually saved a life that day,But I decided to look the other method.It wasn’t that I didn’t treatment,I had the time, and I was tbelow.But I didn’t want to seem a fool,Or argue over a safety ascendancy.I knew he’d done the job prior to,If I spoke up, he could obtain sore.The opportunities didn’t seem that bad,I’d done the exact same, He kbrand-new I had.So I shook my head and walked on by,He kbrand-new the dangers as well as I.He took the possibility, I closed an eye,And through that act, I let him die.I could have saved a life that day,But I made a decision to look the various other means.Now every time I watch his wife,I’ll understand, I have to have conserved his life.That guilt is somepoint I have to bear,But it isn’t something you require share.If you check out a hazard that others take,That puts their wellness or life at stake.The question asked, or thing you say,Could help them live another day.If you check out a danger and walk away,Then hope you never need to say,I could have saved a life that day,But I chose, to look the other way.Don Merrelldonmerrell

I Could Have Saved A Life That Day

I might have actually saved a life that day,If I hadn’t looked the other way.I observed the hazard and also need to have called,But I didn’t want to gain connected.I’d recognized the guy for fairly a while,And never before observed him laugh or smile.He was a quiet, moody type,Who always appeared to have a gripe.I knew he was upcollection through occupational,He considered his boss to be a jerk.And frequently he was heard comsimple,That tright here wasn’t a manager through fifty percent a mind.And then sooner or later he started in,About his boss being after him.And I heard him say – If he had actually the nerve,Someday they’d obtain what they deserve.Some months prior to, they’d described to us all,Behaviors to watch for, and the people to speak to.But I told myself, that it wasn’t that poor,He was just spouting off, bereason he was mad.His boss wasn’t tright here, once he came that day,But she was tright here, and in his way.With his anger and also rage, I don’t recognize why,But he thought that somebody had actually to die.Now – my life will certainly never before be the same,For I’ll always recognize that I’m to blame.That she could be alive now,If I hadn’t looked the various other method.If you see someone who’s so distraught,That you question if they are safe or not.Talk to someone, area a speak to,Get help for them, and safeguard us all.If you hesitate and also look ameans,Then hope you never have to say,I could have actually saved a life that day,But I decided to look the various other method.Don Merrelldonmerrell
hotmail.comIt’s Up To MeI desire a worklocation, that’s Injury Free,And if that’s going to occur, then it’s up to me.I can’t take for granted, that anyone,Has done all the points, that I have to have actually done.I should, take the time, with each task I execute,To look for the risks, and think the task with.To inspect the procedures and follow them all,And reject taking shortcuts, no issue how little.When I walk through the worklocation, I should stay alertTo watch for those points, that could acquire human being hurt.And should I check out a peril, I won’t rest till,I’ve made the point safe, or I understand someone will.I need to question each unsafe habits I view,And encourage all others, to perform that for me.I will certainly constantly provide security, the finest I deserve to carry out,And intend that performance of all others also.I need to constantly remember to let civilization check out,That their safe habits, is necessary to me.Eexceptionally act is essential, no issue just how small,For the security of one, is the security of all.We deserve to all have a worklocation that’s injury free,If we, each one, Commit to Making It Be,If we all perform our component, and each of us check out,If It’s Going to Happen, – Then It’s Up To Me.Don MerrellLife Is for LivingIf each day you’d return,To your children and also wife.To the ones you have to worth,The most in your life.You need to constantly remember,With each threat that you take.It’s not only your life,And your wellness that’s at stake.Consider the burdenYou’d area on your wife.If you have to gain killed,Or crippled for life.But — Maybe you’re lucky,Or fate’s on your side.You might be the reason,A frifinish of yours died.And sheight and just think,For you could be the one.That gets hidden tomorrow,For somepoint he’s done.It’s fairly easy to say,It won’t occur to me.But you’ll discover the statistics,In no method agree.If we’re taking possibilities,Then we’re acting favor fools.For we’re risking To Much,When we break SAFETY RULES!by Don Merrelldonmerrell
hotmail.comRecycle for LifeThe bounties of nature are tbelow for our usage,But we’ve treated them poorly – without excellent excusage.We aboffered it, misprovided it, and also threw it ameans,Now the bills coming due – and we’ll all have to pay.We deserve to made a decision to disregard it, and also put off the debt,Pass it on down to those not born yet.But the debts gaining bigger and also bigger annually,And they might not be able to pay it – I are afraid.With each of us acting with reasonable care,We deserve to use what we need – and still leave some to spare.We deserve to begin on the procedure of establishing points directly,Clean up our setting – Before It’s Too Late.Remember ” Recycle”, let that reresource keep living,It’s a far better life to our kids we’ll be offering.If we keep on abutilizing the Planet – We have to know,When it won’t support life – ‘ We’ve got no place to go’Don Merrelldonmerrell
hotmail.comThe Electrical MonkeyWe all laugh at primates,And points that they doAs they frolic aroundIn their cage at the zoo.But a monkey that’s looseIn electric gearIs a thing to be treatedWith out and out fear.For some chimpanzees have tailsWbelow some chimpanzees don’tAnd some watch the dangersWright here some chimpanzees won’t.And chimpanzees that playWith electric wiresHave regularly been knownTo reason terrible fires.A monessential as soon as thoughThat high voltage was “neat”Now all we have leftIs some melted monkey meat.So remain out of the wiresAnd the switch boxes as well.Don’t let your pawsMake a monvital of you.Don Merrelldonmerrell
hotmail.comDear TeacherThank you for teaching the kids,And guiding their researches each day.Though I know it occasionally seems hopeless,And they store putting walls in your means.Each little of knowledge you give them,Builds a bridge they may cross all their life.A bridge to a brighter tomorrow,Over Prejudice, Hunger and Strife.As the youngsters are the hope of tomorrow,You shape where tomorrow will lead.Building solid structures of understanding,And the skills that you know they will certainly require.You might think that your work-related is un-noticed,But it mirrors in it’s own unique method.In the bideal shinning eyes of the children,You are functioning via day after day.As a parent I’d favor to say give thanks to you.I appreciate all that you execute.For every one of the kids – God bless them,And God bless excellent teachers favor you!Don MerrellDon.Merrell
simplot.comHonors For a Fallen WarriorTo honor the brave and fallen dead,The flags at fifty percent staff fly.The mourners stand also through hand also on heart,As they watch the hearse go by.Anvarious other precious heart is gone,With life functions left undone.With destructive price and also glories shed,For the race they can have run.And yet the alternative they made was theirs.They knew that risk was tright here.They made a decision to go right into harm’s way,Since they determined to care.They knew that liberty is not complimentary,That battles need to be won.And they felt that they were needed,To ascertain the project was done.And so we grieve and also honor them,For the sacrifice they made.And cherish more the freedoms,For which their life was phelp.Don MerrellJ.R. Simplot Co.donmerrell
hotmail.comThank You – To the Red CrossHow deserve to we express our many thanks,For this precious gift you provide.For your unique act of kindness,Which may allow someone to live.Your sharing the bond of living,With one more heart in need.Is an act of humale kindness,That deserves excellent many thanks indeed.We understand that it’s not constantly straightforward,To uncover the moment to spare.But another might live tomorrow,Because you took time to care.So we would favor to say give thanks to you,And we really believe it’s true,The civilization is a far better area now,Due to the fact that of excellent civilization choose you.-Don Merrell-For the Amerideserve to Red Crossdonmerrell

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