I don’t desire to adult this day. I just don’t.

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It wasn’t happening for me when I opened up my eyes this morning. The son me told the adult me she wasn’t having actually it and also we don’t desire to execute ANYTHING. I told her look….

I would certainly choose to not wake up before everyone this morning. Let my noodle stay sunk right into the pillow of heavenly abyss and also dream, I demand inside.

I desire to not stumble about my kitchen and make breakquick, lunch, and also dinner now making a meal that is household friendly. I want to make brie flavored pumpkin ricotta filled peanut butter candied pear sandwich. For all 3 meals if I desire. Because I like all these things and also it won’t issue if no one else does. (disclaimer: I don’t eat all those things together, together, however for disagreements sake…you gain what I’m throwing down)

It would certainly pleasure my internal diva to not pick up the dog poop in the backyard so the lawn male doesn’t skip my yard this day. So what if I want to live in a delusional state of mind that as soon as the dog goes to execute his organization, it magically disshows up.

I’m boycotting my grocery save run. I want to have actually a Mary Poppins fridge. I will simply open her up and also her mystical wonderful points will certainly happen. Like, a penguin will come out and serve me coffee in a suit.

I want to not carry out 1335905868 articles of clothing in the laundry area. I desire them to animate and fly into the washing machine and also take the warm without my hands helping. Sigh. And yes, fold and also put away please.

I want to not sit on the computer system and pay the bills. I desire to pretend that money DOES flourish on trees and that all I have to execute is walk exterior, clip a little below and also the husband also won’t grumble once he checks our account.

Ew…I understand this is all kinds of Nancy Negative this particular day however, man….she proved up difficult this morning.

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The Child Me shoved her thumb ago in her mouth took a deep sigh and also shelp “Fineeeeee” in the brattiest of tones and also went ago in her room to wait for another day.

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