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UGLY GOD steustatiushistory.org - Water
(Remix) I drip on your bitch choose water. I splash on your bitch via the water. I feel favor I'm 21 Savage I pull up and fuck on your daughter Water
UGLY GOD steustatiushistory.org - Water
steustatiushistory.org to "Water" song by UGLY GOD: I drip on your bitch prefer water I splash on your bitch through the water I feel favor I'm 21 Savage I pu...
RICH THE KID steustatiushistory.org - Wet WetYour bitch obtaining wet prefer water, splash. Young nigga walking through the cash. Hit it and also quit it, I'm leaving her dripping. Riding round the city via the bricks in the...
UGLY GOD steustatiushistory.org - Let's Do ItI pull up on your ho, knock it down and I dip ... I drip on your bitch via the water, jacuzzi ... Designer her bag, her pussy is wet favor water, splash, yuh-yuh
21 SAVAGE steustatiushistory.org - Slaughter Your
Daughtersteustatiushistory.org to "Slaughter Your Daughter" song by 21 SAVAGE: My pinky ring (slaughter ... The bitch was embarrassed ... She geeking favor Bobby ... I provided her water
Young Thug, Gunna, Gucci Mane & Travi$ Scott - Floyd Mayweather ...Sep 16, 2016 Ayy, ayy Little bitch, you ridin' niggas' dick choose a bitch, damn Little bitch, ... to a film (drip) Yeah anywhere we go (yeah) I carry the snow I fill your...
MIGOS steustatiushistory.org - SlipperyI heard your bitch she acquired that water (Splash, drip, drip, woo, splash) Slippery, 'scusage ... In Italy, bought her a hair, look like the wildebeest (rarr) Just chill through me...
21 SAVAGE steustatiushistory.org - Dip Dip... a bitch. Eat you pussy niggas favor a fucking sandwich ... You been skripping all your life and you still remain through your mamma (broke ass bitch) Murder Gang shit...
RICH THE KID steustatiushistory.org - I Don't Caresteustatiushistory.org to "I Don't Care" song by RICH THE KID: I told that bitch I'm a player I got money everywhere ... Water on me, that's clear. Make her suck it anywhere. I'll make your bitch disappear ... Ya ain't hatin', however you damaged prefer ooh ... Water,.. drip.
MONTANA OF 300 steustatiushistory.org - Stylinsteustatiushistory.org to "Stylin" song by MONTANA OF 300: She ride it choose a stallion When I hit it I be styling That money save calling its piling Pop bands... ... Your bitch save eyeing me. I'm sick favor a ... When I'm flexing guy I drip ... In her water like I slipped
Blake - Yup steustatiushistory.org and also translation Feb 17, 2017 Ay, ay Woof Ay, ay Look Diamonds look choose piss (piss) Diamond ... look favor water (water) She drip drip prefer water (water) Hit that bitch, ... bitch, shut up I'm your young dumb motherfucker BLAKE, why your belt unbuckled?
steustatiushistory.org - KushFull and also accurate steustatiushistory.org for "Drip" from "Kush": Hey Gucci told me I make the, I'm fucking negative ... They say I'm smooth favor some water, catch me dripping!
MISSY 'MISDEMEANOR' ELLIOTT steustatiushistory.org - WTF (Wright here They From)Where you make it drop down it prefer you animated. Can't take it, them chicks ... Girls wanna have actually fun make you stickin' out your tongue. The dance that you ... I come into this bitch prefer liquid. Drip, drip, then the company. Click, click, obtain the...
LIL YACHTY steustatiushistory.org - Drippinsteustatiushistory.org to "Drippin" song by LIL YACHTY: Drip, drip, drip, drip, drippin Bitch I'm ... I drop bombs on these niggas like Osama ... I made your bitch buy a hair for me
KID INK steustatiushistory.org - Drippin'steustatiushistory.org to "Drippin'" song by KID INK: Double shots Double bitches Double chains You can see 'em drippin' Drippin gold I'm drippin' bitch... ... Drip, drip, drip. I'm drippin' ... Looking like Coby, bitches think flyin' out ... Shut your fucking understand it
PLAYBOI CARTI steustatiushistory.org - 3 ChainsThen I pour it in her water to finish it all. Drip drop, pussy pop, Yeah she on optimal. I love the optimal, ... Your bitch tryna contact me boo, ya. Might just ... I'm prefer hoe wait, stop
WEBBIE steustatiushistory.org - Come HereYour number in my chicktionary ya heard and I'll and also I acquired the next star wit a poor ... you ask for so ya suggest you a lady not a trash slut not a freak you simply choose to back ... Come here bitch bitch (ya nigga is a whimp) come here bitch come here ... water sucking Boosie dick and screaming Webbie fuck me harder your I'd on the...
ASAP FERG steustatiushistory.org - FergiviciousYeah, most you human being look at me choose "Who the fuck ... drip-drip. Fuck a litle trill bitch 'til my dick limp ... Fuck your main broad 'til she on my friend's dick 4-5-6...
JARREN BENTON steustatiushistory.org - Smells Like
steustatiushistory.org to "Smells Like" song by JARREN BENTON: Looks favor, feels prefer murder Smells like, tastes favor ... Have the bitch strung, as soon as me dick swung, her lip drip cum ... I dunk your head and also make you drink the shitty piss water in the porter potty
LIL YACHTY steustatiushistory.org - Bentley CoupeBeggin' ass nigga, lyin' on your figures. You don't ... 250 cash, I might drop on that Bentley, bitch. I could go ... And I'll wet a nigga up prefer a water gun. So many...
YO GOTTI steustatiushistory.org - Water
Wetsteustatiushistory.org to "Water Wet" song by YO GOTTI: Oh you got that water wet (drip) Thang ... Oh you obtained that water wet (drip) Thang drippin' like a faucet. She say, "Are you thirsty?" (drip) ... (drip) And I want that body, I want that body Your ho love once I'm on the mic ... This my bitch, nigga, just how I'm trickin'?
Baeza - Woah (feat. L!z, TKR) steustatiushistory.org and also translation Dec 29, 2015 Ayyee Turn It Up I Shelp My Nigga favor That) If You Th... ... The Cancel I Make Her Take It Off Got Your Sisterin My Last Sexactly how Aye Yeahh Bro ... Young Tk And The Bitch Gonna Follow Drip, Drip, Drop For Hit Her Like Water Ima...
ASAP ROCKY steustatiushistory.org - WavyboneI remember all the nights on different corners spittin' pitchin' water. Now I'm richer ... I'm the finest still in this game, I'm well-off bitch choose Rick James ... Your girlfriend a groupie choose Trident she wanna chew me ... Candy paint is gonna drip that stain
Snoop Dogg - Candy (Drippin' Like Water
) steustatiushistory.org I gained 'em drippin' prefer water. You want 'em? I obtained 'em drippin' favor water. Narcotic this window meth vendor. Shippin' and handlin' your life supply. Time to get...
DJ KHALED steustatiushistory.org - I Wanna Be With YouAnd he's never before through no various other chick, fronting like he's slick ... Ain't never before been done, bitch I added this ... You reply, what's your sign? ... My chain drip choose water
Problem - Rap Monument steustatiushistory.org Stick around like gum that's been stepped on. Stepped on, I ... He'll speak to me Retch but your bitch call me Bryan In Polo I'm stylin', ... Lift her up high up choose helicopter far ameans from her fellow ..... It's the substantial, black nigga then drip of the substantial black pistol. I suggest ... And I make her squirt as soon as she grab that water gun. Now fuck...
FAMOUS DEX steustatiushistory.org - New Glocksteustatiushistory.org to "New Glock" song by FAMOUS DEX: Bitch you payin' for pussy, you ... I came up off of water ... I just bought me a new Glock, wet a nigga choose a mop ... Kick appropriate in your door, I'm talking your spot ... That drip in my walk like Dexter
SNOOP DOGG steustatiushistory.org - Candy (Drippin' Like Water
)steustatiushistory.org to "Candy (Drippin' Like Water)" song by SNOOP DOGG: You want 'em? I gained 'em.. drippin prefer water Uh! (the candy man!) E-40 ... Now put it in your mouth
FUTURE steustatiushistory.org - Codeine CrazyI deserve to rip via your tvery own through them guns and them pounds. I thrived up on them ... Looking at me prefer a triple threat, everytime a nigga talk a inspect. Smoke the kush up ... Water drippin' off of me favor a faucet. I simply took a bitch to eat at Chipotle
2 CHAINZ steustatiushistory.org - Black UnicornSitting up on your cloud, so high once you look down. Just glance ... Drip, fuck the water bill, we remain in apartments ... Parked out that bitch favor I'm sellin' coffins
RICH THE KID steustatiushistory.org - IntroThick bitch, let it drip on the leather. She wanna fuck ... Hood Fame, money blue prefer the water. Young boy, in ... She wanna fuck on your boo, wow. I'm getting...
KIRKO BANGZ steustatiushistory.org - Drank In My CupAnd your girlfrifinish want a nigga prefer me 'cause I ain't trying ... I'm in her head choose Maybelline H-town so I ... Your bitch know what I'm taking 'bout. Pulls up, pull...
LUDACRIS steustatiushistory.org - What's Your
Fantasy RemixLike up in the coupe, coupe. Tell your bitch she ain't gotta be mad at me I wanna li-li-li-lick you from your head to your toes. And I wanna move from...

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LIL' WAYNE steustatiushistory.org - You Ain't Got Nuthin'What it look like Alc, tryin to show the niggas male It's that Street Fam guy, we rep that Lo... ... So you have the right to (Call A Cab), when your bitch drops for Fab TRINA steustatiushistory.org - Off GlassI know you like the means I shake that, drop that ... If you a high priced bitch with that ice round your wrist, you off glass. Ah-hah, lil' ... Make the pussy drip back
ILLY steustatiushistory.org - 6 ShooterWhen you and also your friends rhyme its bedtime, snoring. Whether or not I headline. Yes I'm supporting. Flavour drip through the speaker when I'm recording. If charisma's a ... I shoot straight from the water's edge ... You gaining offered choose you haven't ordered yet ... Higher than threview counts on your goose-dvery own dooners bitch
YOUNG JEEZY steustatiushistory.org - Tear It UpGot one baby mama, no bitch, no wife. Like pac, ya need a thug in your life (yea…) A young nigga to right come via and beat it up. Let ya man be the...
FUTURE steustatiushistory.org - Digital Dash I did the digital dash. I fuck your bitch in the passenger. I provide the junky a blast. I sfinish that dope to your momma tho. Out in the streets like thermometers
J. COLE steustatiushistory.org - Lights PleaseI had this little negative thing somethin' favor them 10's. She gave a ... Is the chick ain't even have brains dummy like a bitch ... And while that sweat drip I am reminded ... How gon' look in your sons confront and turn your ago ... Water Break (Interlude)
NICKI MINAJ steustatiushistory.org - Go HardFuck you gone do as soon as a bitch try to go hard? But I won't let ... Gotta make these bitches recognize me just like Bobby understand water. ... Your girlfriend and she just split


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