Have you ever experienced a moment—or a cluster of sequential moments—that was so unforgettable, so raw, and so complete of life that you wanted to throw your head approximately the heavens and yell, “TIME IS A SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED CONCEPT CREATED BY MAN AND DOES NOT TRULY EXIST!!!!!!! I CAN STAY IN THIS LITTLE INFINITY FOREVER!!” I bet you have actually. It is these little moments in life that give us the inspiration to live.

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I felt this method at the Ben Rector concert Saturday night.

From my parking job to the amount of guy buns and also murses I saw (on the means in, I counted 35 of the previous, 18 of the last, and also 7 males had both), the entirety event screamed: “Young Millennials Welcome.”

Alprepared running 30 minutes late to our Priority Pass’s privileges, we pulled as much as the parking toll with $9 in cash. Yeah…Unfortunately, charming smiles, because of inflation, are not tantamount to $1. Thanks, Obama. We finished up finding 4 quarters in various walallows and cup holders, and after apologizing profusely to the entertained toll worker, we were on our means.

We practically skipped over to The Murat, adrenaline and caffeine and…I don’t understand, the “joy of friendship” lighting our eexceptionally action. Once there, we might or might not have actually acquired turned roughly in search of the concert hall until a tiny old usher increated us that “LeBron Rectar” was up the stairs to our right.

Stumbling in and also cracking our ribs from laughing so hard, we conveniently realized that we had walked right into a fine frenzy of fangirls, oxford flats, plhelp, and suspenders. After quick delegation, we chose Rhyan would lead our congo-line styled struggle to push to the front. Somehow we gained to third row, which was crazy and because of a weird mix of pure luck and calculated activities.

AND Y’ALL let me simply tell you around the world approximately us. We met anthropologists, 10-year groupies, married couples, and also single females. Some might dance, some stood still and also bobbed their heads. Some, choose my two friends, were singing in perfect harmony with me so pathetically off-tune. Tright here were even those that, because I am 5’1, gave up their spots so I could watch.

That’s the funny thing about concerts… everyone shares a love/interemainder and also therefore, many regularly than not, you develop one-night friendships without hesitation. I suppose, isn’t that exactly how the ancient proverb goes? “Life happens in the mosh pit.” I think Aristotle shelp that one.

But the music, the music is what moved the already great suffer to an unforgettable night. If you know nopoint around Ben Rector, I highly recommfinish you giving his albums a listen. He is initially from Tulsa, went to the University of Arkansas (!!!!), and also is currently based in Nashville. He writes wildly passionate and melodic tunes that are commonly piano-driven…the ideal method I have the right to think of describing his music style is soulful pop rock. His lyrics are what drive the nail residence though. They are witty and cleverly worded and I don’t just how to communicate my awe of them, without taking away from the power that they effusage. So I’ll just list my favorites and also let you analyze them as you will:

//Like when I close my eyes and don’t even care if anyone sees me dancing. Like I have the right to fly, and also don’t even think of poignant the ground. Like a heartbeat skip, favor an open web page. Like a one method pilgrimage on an aeroaircraft. It’s the way that I feel as soon as I’m with you, brand also brand-new. Brand new//// Oh isn’t that simply the means it goesYou’re dealt a good hand also and you gain celebrated. Oh just how am I the only one that knows, I’m half the male of the males that drive me places////I’ve been much better, I’ve been worseI’ve chased after pretty girlsSeen a couple places that I never before believed I’d seeI’ve walked into harder times, and also I’ve walked out the other side. It appears in favor you finish up gaining what you need. Yeah, looking dvery own from 30,000 feet, life’s been great to me//// But when I’m through you I’m no much longer wandering. And once I’m via you, I swear I deserve to breathe. When I’m through you, I recognize that I am and also that I desire to be////Tright here are means as well many type of love songs. And I think they’ve obtained it all wrong. Causage life is not the hill tops, It’s the walking in in between, And I choose you walking next to me//

He played everything. His brand-new album and also 5-year-old songs and also also Whitney Houston were out on the table. He connected through us, told us funny stories, danced to the Cupid Shuffle to obtain from one side of the phase the other and also changed the lyrics to rhyme through Indianapolis. He had actually the totality location jumping and also singing and not caring about what was going to happen a minute dvery own the road. The speakers were so loud that I felt the totality beat vibprice through my body.

Basically, he slayed my whole existence.

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So tright here we were. My friends and also me, arm and also arm, simply soaking in the minute. And, might I add, we “felt a totality lot like seventeen”.