When we look in Matthew 6:1-6, Jesus is there on the mountain teaching His disciples. In these verses Jesus addresses 2 different subjects that have at least one common aspect.Jesus is speaking to his disciples in regard to perdeveloping charitable deeds and also supplying up prayers to the Lord. A warning is given for both of these cases to not carry out points in order to be viewed by males however to instead perform them before the Lord.If you have you ever got an honor or an award for something you have actually been a part of or accomplished, or if anybody has actually ever walked approximately you and also simply ssuggest told you thank you for your tough work, you know just how nice it have the right to feel to be recognized for your success. Most people prefer to feel appreciated, and also it is a nice thing to recognize people for a project well done. But we should be careful that our desire to be appreciated and receive acknowledgment does not come to be our focus and also supersede our desire and also willingness to occupational for the Lord and provide God the glory.

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In the case of Matthew 6 charitable deeds were being done so that human being would certainly watch how excellent the individual was. Prayers were being readily available so civilization could see just how well versed a perboy was and also how smoothly and eloquently a perboy can soptimal. According to verses 2 and 5 we are plainly shown that those that perform acts of charity or that pray, in order to be checked out by guys, have actually already got their reward. I wish I might say that this is somepoint that was only prevalent in the initially century, however if we are truly honest with ourselves, we deserve to all admit that self-glorification and also seeking the approval of man is simply as much a trouble today as it has ever before been. Do we really want to be rewarded by guys in this life rather of by the Lord in eternity? If we are not mindful, we will discover ourselves caught up in self-glorification and we will shed sight of what our genuine objective is as children of God.

Tbelow are a few verses I want us to think about as we think around giving God the glory rather of taking all the glory for ourselves.The initially verse is in Philippians 2:3, “Letnothingbe donewith selfish ambition or conceit, butin lowliness of mind let each esteem others much better than himself.” Selfish ambition takes the emphasis ameans from serving others and also it definitely takes the focus amethod from serving God. As we live and also serve, we are to demonstrate the lessons we learn from passeras such as this and sheight making whatever we do about ourselves. It’s not around us. It’s not about us being appreciated or recognized. It’s all around God. Now that does not expect that we are not to let our light shine. It is perfectly ok to serve openly. In fact, Matthew 5:16, urges our organization. “Let your light so shine prior to males,that they may see your excellent works andglorify your Father in heaven.” But alert the point from this verse. As people watch our work and also the light that is in us, they should also watch the source of that light and provide Him all the glory.

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That brings us toColossians 3:17.Up to this allude we have actually seen that we should seek the approval of God quite than guy. We have debated just how our lives are to cause others to glorify God rather than elevate ourselves. But exactly how are we going to glorify God? Colossians 3:17 says, “Andwhatever before you do in word or deed,doall in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” We have the right to glorify God by being a civilization that work,by speaking the truth of His Word, and also by representing Him anywhere that we go and also in everything that we carry out. We can glorify God by simply taking a moment to soptimal and also give thanks to God for all that He has actually done and also for all that He proceeds to perform.