Now, whenever you hear a 420 or weed mix, you're gonna hear most the very same and also obvious songs; but through this one we steered ameans from the apparent hits and also shined some light on some dope weed songs out tright here. Words from your pilots Maverick and Goose:GetLiveRO aka Chester CopperPOT:Everyone knows i love hip hop and i love to smoke trees. So why not put together a Weed inspired Hip Hop mixtape. I always wanted to put together a 420 mixtape. But the thing is... I'm not a DJ. So the initially point I had to execute was discover a DJ that likes to smoke trees (pause), yet that appeared also easy sincee extremely DJ I recognize smokes trees. Then i came up through a stoner idea to ask Boogie Brown to perform the mix because I wanted to view if someone who doesn't smoke lettuce can think like a pot head and put out a product that a stoner dude would appreciate. When you think about it majority of all weed motivated hip hop songs suck! So i did some digital digging and discovered some of the illest weed songs. I emailed Boogie Brvery own roughly 40 songs to work some of his magic. And then FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES was born. Hope you all gain the mix. FLY HIGH! PS. i was gurped once i composed this.BOOGIE BROWN:A lot of times, jobs pertained to fruition from principles that come out of the blue, and this was no different. This particular one went somepoint prefer this:Ben: "Dude, I'm gonna get started on a cocaine raps mixtape."Ro: "Man, you need to execute one around weed. I know hella dope weed songs."Ben: "Man, we need to do a collection dedicated to eincredibly single substance: crack, week, alcohol, etc."Ro: "Fuck it, let's start off via a weed one and just release it on 420."Ben: "You know what would be sick, if True released this with their 420 shirt."Ro: "Lemme make a contact and also let's obtain this crackin."Then came the concept:Ro: "Hey guy, Brian is gonna execute the flyer for the release party and we need a name in an hour."Ben: "Okay... How around 'blah, blah, blah', 'yadda, yadda, yadda', 'Fly The Friendly Skies'..."Ro: "Man, I favor 'Fly The Friendly Skies'." (Now save in mind the conmessage of time: We started the mix AFTER we also gained the flyer for the release party.)And so here we are. Songs hand also picked by Get Live Ro and also thrown together by myself.So sit back, relax, and also prepare for take off...

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