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When it concerns viral quotes on politics and also the media, Morgan Freeman is one of the most effective voices in America.

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In interviews via the Daily Beast in the past 2 weeks, Freeguy has criticized media coverage of Baltimore protests and also referred to as for the legalization of marijuana. In both, he used punchy soundbites ("f*** the media," for the former, and also "I"ll eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it!" for the latter). They"re the kind of pull-quotes that are created social media and also impossible to review without imagining them sassist in Freeman"s signature, oft-imitated voice.

That"s the power of Freeguy on national politics. His endorsement comes with the credibility of a beloved Oscar-winning actor that, after all, once played the voice of God. And much prefer the appeal of Jon Stewart or John Oliver on national politics, he"s preaching to his own individual choir -- but through a ready-made narrator for your mind that Stewart or Oliver can not provide. When he provides profanity or claims something a small edgy, all the much better.

But not everything Freeman is shelp to have sassist is actually real. In 2012, a statement following the shooting in Newtvery own, Conn., was mis-attributed to him yet shared commonly. In the quote, Freemale was erroneously quoted as saying the media"s coverage of the shooting was irresponsible and argued people donate to mental health and wellness research study rather of blame gun regulations.

Morrgan_Freemale, via more than 365,000 followers (!). The account is a parody account only insofar as it is not real; it tweets inspirational, non-ironic quotes as if they are coming from Freeman himself, however the quotes are not funny or pointed or satirical. It tweeted a mis-attributed quote in 2013 around homophobia: "I hate the word homophobia. It"s not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an a******." A search of the quote on Twitter mirrors world today are still crediting and enhancing him for the quote.

All these topics, both for things Freeman actually said and also didn"t -- the media, Baltieven more, marijuana and also homophobia -- strike a chord via a particular segment of young gradual Net individuals, which is why they have the potential to perform so well and also go viral.

If a provocative viewallude about a controversial topic has actually the ideal angle, usually something that supporters feel strongly around but feel is misrepresented or not taken into consideration -- "if only the media/politicians/the world I went to high school via would certainly look at it the issue this method, it would certainly adjust everything" sort of thing -- and also the right messenger, whether that messenger really sassist it or not, it has the potential to be mutual commonly.

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Freeman seems to be conscious, and fairly than let his name be attached to things he"s never before sassist, he"s speaking his mind. There"s plainly an audience for it.