Jim Croce died in a plane crash in Natchitoches, Louisiana, September 29, 1973. "I"ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song" hit #9 in the US posthumously in 1974.

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Jennihair Sun from RamonaFirst time I heard this I dropped in love, and the older I got the even more those lyrics reminded me of Me. Quite frequently what I say doesn"t come out best so I just compose my feeling out. Loved Jim and also Murry" guitars, don"t understand what they were. Wish I could have actually checked out Jim in perkid and also told him thanks.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn February 2fourth 1974, "I"ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song" by Jim Croce gotten in Billboard"s Hot Top 100 chart at position #73; and on April 2first it peaked at #9 (for 1 week) and spent 14 weeks on the Top 100...And on the same day it reached #9 on the Top 100 it peaked at #1 (for 1 week) on Billboard"s Adult Conshort-lived Tracks chart...In his short 4 year recording career (1972 - 1976) he had actually ten records on the Top 100; through five of them making the Top 10 and two reaching #1 ("Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" for 2 weeks and also "Time In A Bottle" for 2 weeks)...May he R.I.P. (1943 - 1973).Frank from Venezuela, VenezuelaI love the insight offered here...Jim Corce sings about extremely individual matters we all can relate to because we have lived them. Thank you!Carolyn from Knoville, TnWhat a lovely story...and what a lovely song! It"s been a favorite of mine given that I initially heard it on the radio "ago in the day".Meg from Blahblahblah, LaHe died in excellent ole Louisiana... RIPMeg from Blahblahblah, LaBeautiful song created by a beautiful man. It"s an excellent love song.Ron from Milwaukee, WiJim Croce passed away on September 20 ,1973 and not on September 29, 1973 as declared above.Frank from Westminster, ScWhat a good insight Ingrid provides! I regularly wondered whether Croce himself supervised the finished product of this song. The echoing background vocals seem to be tacked on, as if to fill out an uncompleted song. Of course, I might be full of soup.view more comments
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