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"Heard You Were Talking Shit" is an expression provided to confront someone that is suspected of slander. On Tumblr, the expression is often paired with imeras of world or pets looking intently at the viewer, comparable to various other intimidatory reaction images like come at me bro and do you think this is a game?.

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While the expression many likely has actually its roots in American-English colloquialism, it was first popularized with an inclusion in Gwen Stefani"s 2005 pop single “Hollaback Girl" (presented below).

"I heard that you were talking shit and also you didn"t think that I would hear it."

The earliest recognized use of the phrase in captioned pet photos have the right to be traced ago to a picture of a goat posing with a cellphone up versus its ear posted by Tumblr<2> user wtfbrian on March 11th, 2013.



On July 18th, 2013, YouTuber Tenthosanddragons uploaded a clip titled “Heard you were talking shit,” featuring a scene from the Japanese manga/anime series Fairy Tail via the “Hollaearlier Girl” lyric dubbed over the original audio track (displayed below).

On September third, Tumblr user dbodybaker posted an animated GIF from the video game Mass Effect through the inscription "Heard you were talkin shit" (presented below).


On October 16th, Redditor DaddyHumphrey submitted a screenshot of a Tumblr write-up featuring a cat crawling out of a hole in the wall with the inscription "Heard you were talkin" shit" to the /r/tumblr<4> subreddit, wright here it gained more than 820 up votes in the initially 5 months (presented below, left). On February 9th, 2014, Redditor VannaVictorian submitted a photograph of a cat sitting in a bathtub in a short article titled “Heard you were talking shit” to the /r/Delightfullychubby<3> subreddit (displayed listed below, right).





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"Disney Prince Putting On Lipstick" describes an exploitable picture taken from a Mexihave the right to pop artist"s paint. The original paint is from 2014 but it"s viewed brand-new remixes on Instagram and also Twitter in the direction of the finish of August 2021.

We"ve all made mistakes. These unfortunate children are going to be haunted by theirs lengthy into adulthood.

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