There are numerous English idioms that contain the word ‘hand’ however in this video, Ricdifficult defines the meaning and also usage of the widespread English expression, to recognize somepoint choose the back of your hand

Kcurrently somepoint favor the back of your hand also – Video

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Hello. To recognize something choose the ago of your hand also implies that you recognize that perboy or that point extremely, incredibly well. For instance, you might say, “I understand Hong Kong prefer the ago of my hand.” That would certainly suppose, I recognize Hong Kong very, very well and I won’t acquire lost. You deserve to use it for people, too. “I understand you favor the back of my hand”. For example, if your frifinish is looking unhappy and he states he isn’t, you can say, “Yes you are, I understand you like the back of my hand!” So, do you understand anyone like the ago of your hand? Please leave a steustatiushistory.orgment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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10 More Idioms With The Word ‘Hand’

There are many kind of English expressions through the word ‘hand’ in them. Here are simply 10 more examples. For an extra in-depth list, checks the links below.

1. Bite the hand that feeds you

– to injury someone that is great to you or does things to aid you

Example:Seeing as they are paying for you to go to university, Susan, I think you need to think aobtain around not inviting them to your wedding. I recognize you can’t stand your father or his brand-new wife but why bite the hands that feeds you?

2. Change hands

– to be marketed, taken over or given by someone else

Example:We go to a different pub ever before since the Globe adjusted hands.

3. Caught through one’s hand also in the till/cookie jar

– to be caught doing something wrong or illegal or to be recorded stealing something (regularly money)

Example: No, she hasn’t functioned here since she was recorded through her hands in the cookie jar. Apparently, she was taking residence at least 15 kilos of meat each week.

4. Take a firm hand through someone/something

– to be strict or take strict regulate of someone or something

Example: If you don’t take a firm hand through her now, she will shed all feeling of discipline and run riot later on in life.

5. Live from hand to mouth

– to live on exceptionally little money

Example:My paleas never before appreciated the privileged life we all take for granted. They prospered up living hand to mouth.

6. Give/lfinish someone a hand

– to help someone with something

Example:Today’s mandarin lesson was really hard. Do you think you can provide me a hand also via my homework?

7. Get out of hand

– to steustatiushistory.orge to be tough or impossible to control

Example:I think we will need to get rid of that brand-new English teacher; she simply can’t manage the children. Today was the 3rd day in a row I noticed points gaining out of hand in her English class.

8. Pay (someone) a back-handed steustatiushistory.orgpliment

– to insult someone by providing – what appears on the surface to be – a steustatiushistory.orgpliment

Example: Sally: Oh, Rita, you’re so lucky you don’t have to problem around guys only liking you for your looks. Rita: Thanks a lot, Sally, you’ve constantly been great at back handed steustatiushistory.orgpliments, haven’t you?

9. An old hand at (doing something)

– someone who is steustatiushistory.orgpetent and also exceptionally great at doing something

Example:You need to contact Dan to solve those lights in the bedroom, he’s an old hand also at anypoint to do via electrics.

10. Hand it to someone

– to admit, possibly reluctantly, that someone deserves credit or praise for doing somepoint well.

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Example:You’ve got to hand also it to Jaboy, he might be the the majority of annoying male in the office yet the service he brings in keeps many of us in job-related.

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