Everyone loves a recluse—especially brilliant ones. Syd Barrett is perhaps the consummate instance of this very appropriate. After helping discovered Pink Floyd and also contributing mostly to their beforehand musical direction, he was rerelocated from the team in 1968 bereason of psychological condition lugged on by extreme drug use.

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Years later on, he’s still a legfinish celebrated for his musical prowess. In 1981, he came to be the subject of a song called “I Kcurrently Wright here Syd Barrett Lives,” created by greatly obscure post-punk band referred to as Television Personalities.

At its core, “I Know Wright here Syd Barrett Lives” is sweet and gentle pop tune, collection to an acoustic guitar and also sung ever so softly by Television Personalities frontmale Dan Treacy. Its innocuous lyrics and also meanderous melodies make the song effortlessly listpermit and it’s one of the band’s the majority of popular songs.

For all intents and objectives, the song appears to be a mere homage to one of Treacy’s heroes, and in many means, that’s exactly what it is. “I Know Wright here Syd Barrett Lives” is a clear testament to the artist, via its single chord recurring for the duration of the song acting as a nod to Barrett’s own musical preoccupations.

Behind the track, the sound of chirping birds and flowing water can be heard, making for a serene and also ethereal listen.

Perhaps the many striking facet of the song is the distinctive admiration Treacy has actually for his topic. Regardless of the somewhat sardonic tone—at times, the song sounds choose it might be just a little bit too sentipsychological to be sincere—there’s no mockery at play. If anything, Treacy is scolding those who seemingly forobtained around him as soon as his psychological worries collection in.

“He was exceptionally famous/Once upon a time/Now no one knows/Even if he’s alive,” Treacy sings, a tamong remorse in his voice. He goes on to say, “But I recognize wright here he lives/And I visit him/In a little hut/In Cambridge.”

Turns out, Barrett really did live in Cambridge and Treacy’s song was a small more than just an ode to among his heroes. In fact, when Pink Floyd’s very own Dave Gilmour set out to tour for his initially solo effort, he invited Television Personalities to open. Throughout the tour’s first display, Treacy horrified Gilmour and the crowd by analysis aloud Barrett’s actual address.

They didn’t proceed the tour.

The song stays one of the bands many renowned tunes, and also, as fate would have it, has actually spurned a variety of its own tributes. Punk rockers The Mr. T Experience have actually a song called “I Don’t Know Where Dan Treacy Lives,” while Brooklyn electro-pop outfit MGMT have tune titled “Tune For Dan Treacy,” which functions lyrics that say, “I don’t know wbelow he lives/But he’s a myth of a guy.”

It’s a stvariety point as soon as tribute songs obtain tribute songs, but then aobtain, mythologizing in pop music is nothing brand-new. Artists typically make referral or pay honor to civilization who’ve influenced them, immortalizing them the just means they recognize how: with music.

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As it stands, “I Know Wright here Syd Barrett Lives” remains maybe the a lot of charming instance, if not the strangest. If the song paints a snapshot at all, it’s of Treacy and Barrett drinking tea and eating saintake aoptimal a grassy knoll. That photo itself provides the song a classical.