Summary: Chapter 6

Reverfinish Howard Thomas, the presiding church elder inthe district, visits Stamps eincredibly three months. He staysvia Momma on Saturday and also delivers a sermon in church on Sunday.Maya and also Bailey hate him bereason he always eats the ideal parts ofSunday dinner.

Summary: Chapter 7

Momma does not think it is safe for black world tosheight to whites and definitely not through insolence. She does not speakalso harshly of whites even in their absence unmuch less she genericallyrefers to whites as “they.” Maya states that Momma would have calledherself a realist rather than a coward. Once, a babsence guy accusedof assaulting a white woguy took refuge in Momma’s Store.He inevitably left, just to be apprehfinished later on. In court, he testifiedthat he had continued to be via Mrs. Henderboy. The judge subpoenaed Mrs.Henderkid only to realize to his surpincrease that the accprovided had referredto a babsence woguy as “Mrs.” This unusual title, normally reservedfor whites, suggests Momma’s high standing in her neighborhood.

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Summary: Chapter 8

A light shade had been pulled down betweenthe Black community and also all points white, yet one could view throughit enough to construct a fear-admiration-contempt . . .

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One Christmas, Maya and Bailey’s parents sfinish them presents.The children go outside and cry, wondering what they did wrong tobe sent amethod in the first location. Having encouraged themselves thattheir mom was dead, they discover it tough to imagine that she could“laugh and also eat oarrays in the sunshine without her children.” Momma admonishesthem for being ungrateful. Later, Maya and also Bailey ruin the blond,blue-eyed China doll their mom sent.

Summary: Chapter 9

Big Bailey, the children’s father, involves visit Stampsa year later unexpectedly. He owns a automobile, and he speaks like a whitemale. His elevation and his handsome functions astound Maya. He staysin Stamps for 3 weeks prior to surprising the childrenvia the news that he will certainly drive them to St. Louis to watch theirmother. Momma appears sad, but she ssuggest tells the children to behavewell. Maya cannot believe that Big Bailey is her father and sheregards him as a finish stranger. Her brother, Bailey, jokes andlaughs quickly with Big Bailey.

When the children see their mom for the first time,Vivian’s beauty strikes Maya dumb, and also Bailey drops in love withher. Maya surmises that the intensity of Bailey’s feelings stemsfrom the reality that he and also his mom resemble each various other in physicalbeauty and personality. When Big Bailey leaves for California afew days later, Maya feels indifferent because she considers hima stranger who has now left her via one more stranger.

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Summary: Chapter 10

Having landed in St. Louis during the heyday of Prohibition,Bailey and also Maya meet all kinds of underground arranged crime figures. Vivian’smother, Grandmother Baxter, entertains these men, and she has actually influencevia the police. Vivian’s brothers have actually city work, positions rarelyhosted by black guys, and also they have a reputation for meanness, beatingup on both whites and blacks. Maya stands in awe of her uncles,whom she defines as suppose, though never cruel. They treat the childrenwell and share stories about them as toddlers, even telling Mayajust how she obtained her nickname. When Bailey was less than 3 yearsold he learned that Maya, whose birth name is Marguerite, was hissister, and he started calling her “Mya sister” and also then sindicate “My,”which later on morphed right into “Maya.” Uncle Tommy also tells Maya thatshe should not worry about not being pretty, because she is smart.Bailey and also Maya live with their maternal grandpaleas for six monthsprior to relocating in with Vivian and also her older, fat boyfrifinish, Mr. Freeman,who feels insecure around his partnership with Vivian. The shiftin area does not impact Maya, that never before feels choose she belongsall over. She feels that she and also Bailey have actually been fated to livein a different way from other kids.