Chapter 1     "Mother, fuck." I murmured as someone opened the blinds in my room, sending the at an early stage morning sunlight streaming down straight right into my eyes. I rolled over, pulling my pillow over my eyes as the blankets tangled about my legs. I wanted to punch whoever before it was that had actually opened up the blinds, but initially, I required a cigarette, or a drink. Cigarette initially.     I searched for the load in the pocket of my jeans, pulling a cigarette out and holding it out to whoever it was that had opened up the window. After a minute of holding the cigarette out I sat up, glaring at the younger man standing at the foot of the dead, fumbling with a lighter.       "Light the damn cigarette." I snapped and also he jumped, flicking the lighter and also holding it out, torching the finish of my cigarette prior to I bought it to my lips and also took a drag, inhaling the thick smoke deep into my lungs. "Why was I woken up?" I asked after exhaling the smoke, sfinishing it approximately my confront as the fan over me blew it about, filling the air through the smell of cigarette smoke.      "Well boss, Seth told me to wake you up." I rolled my eyes, taking one more drag as I made a psychological note to punch Seth at the earliest possible convenience.     "Tell Seth following time he wakes me up I'm going to ram a cigarette up his ass, currently gain the hell out so I deserve to gain dressed." I shelp before bringing the cigarette up and holding it between my teeth. The laccrucial scurried out while I threw the soiled blankets off of my body. The totality room was jacked up, partially bereason I forbade anyone from coming into my room, partially because I was too busy to problem around the state of my room's cleanliness.      I climbed out of bed, pulling my jeans from yesterday off and also tossing them right into the pile of laundry in the edge of the room. I opened my dresser and also rummaged with the garments that were tbelow, finding another pair of jeans and also a black t-shirt. I would've desired somepoint other than black, prefer white. Not to be racist or anypoint, simply that my gang and I wore white. It appeared that all my white garments were in the pile though, so I'd have to resolve what I've got for now, and also I'd need to sfinish out someone to gain me some garments.     Even via the babsence shirt on, some of my tattoos were visible. Half of a Spanish skull was visible under my sleeve, in addition to the remainder of a Japanese style sleeve. The a lot of influential tatas well on my body was the number 3 encircled by angel wings, which was on my left wrist.     Besides my tattoos, the just thing that I had on me that made me look different than anyone else were my little gauges. Well, those and the multiple scars anywhere me. Stab wounds, gun shots, buckswarm, the routine in a life favor mine.      I, am a Saint. Not like the kind of Saint that you'd worship in church, even more prefer the type of Saint who runs drugs and also guns. My gang was the greatest one in all of Vanceberg, and we had actually absolutely earned our location.     For the previous 5 years, considering that I had actually aided uncovered the Saints, we had been under the watch of some of the various bigger gangs in the location. Tbelow were the Jackals, The Bridge Street Gang, the Devil's Cartel, and the Sons. We had actually all been warring it out for the past few years, though we had actually joined in on the fighting fairly a little bit later on than everyone else.      Due to the fact that I had actually grown up on the highways, learned how to fight and also how to survive, my finest frifinish Seth and I were able to make the Saints a success. We were the best at drug running and also offering, and also due to that truth we constantly had actually the ideal weaponry. That was the reason we had actually been able to beat out all of the various other gangs in town, the factor why we were the biggest and also a lot of significant gang that Vanceburg had actually ever before viewed.     When I descfinished the stairs of the decently huge house that was inhabited by myself and also my lieutenants, I found that a fight had currently erupted in the kitchen.     "It's my PopTart, fuckboy." Mike, one of my finest friends, swarm at Angelo, another among my lieutenants, though one that I hadn't known as lengthy.     "It's his Angelo." I said drowsily as I walked into the room, walking over to the fridge and opening it. Seth was currently sitting at the high respond to, his head in his hands and a cup of coffee in front of him. I got hold of a protein shake and shook it up while I turned about, shutting the fridge door and also glaring at Seth.      "So, why'd you wake me up?" I asked as I took a swig of the chocolatey drink, which briefly turned disgusting when it gained an aftertaste of chalk.    "Well, boss." Seth shelp with disdain "if you've forobtained, we still have to go to high institution if we don't want the cops showing up on our door, we both recognize the teachers don't care if we're in classes, we just need to be on the grounds. Besides, people are starting to think they deserve to sell at the school aget, with you tright here they'll think twice about it?" I finished my drink and also tossed it right into the garbage can right into the corner.     "What sort of people?" I asked as I walked over to the respond to and leant on it while various other human being moved with the kitchen behind Seth. A few of them were transferring "packages" that we'd got the night previous that were on their way better North, others were sorting out what required to be offered now and wbelow through Terrence, my major dealer.        "Leave some samples out for me Terrence, I'm going to require some for myself and some to deal." I referred to as while I waited for Seth to tell me that had been dealing on our turf.     "Not other gangs, just some punk children who think they're hot shit. Probably got the stuff from Jackboy." Seth assured me, learning that if there was even an inkling of an additional gang doing organization on my turf then it would intend all out war, no holds barred.     "Good, I'll obtain them to offer for us, or show them what happens as soon as they sell on our turf. Either method, we win." I msupplied, standing and stretching out.      "Alideal Seth, acquire your ass relocating, we're currently late, and you're the one that woke me up." Seth sighed and picked up his coffee, following me out to the garage, preventing as I picked up the little baggies containing the drugs that Terrence had actually collection out for me.     "You look favor a fucking bum." Seth informed me as we obtained into the vehicle. I pulled down my mirror and also examined myself. My hair was messed up, and also I noticed that I had actually begun to sprout a beard.     "Fuck." I affirmed as I ran my fingers via my brief hair, smoopoint out the assorted spots that stood up. I then put on a pair of sunglasses to hide the circles that ran approximately my eyes, it'd been as well long considering that I'd regulated to gain a decent sleep. After these minor corrections, I turned on the vehicle and backed out of the garage, heading towards college.      We were as inconspicuous as a pair of gang leaders could be. The automobile was pretty nice, however it seemed favor somepoint kids our age could acquire, especially if we operated as hard as we told everyone that we did. Hell, we didn't also blast music that morning. I might tell that Seth was as well tired for it, and also I wasn't really in the mood to blow out my ear drums either.     It was a brief drive to our high school, maybe ten minutes if I was obeying the speed limit, which I hardly ever did. When we pulled up tright here was currently a crowd milling between initially and second duration, some youngsters were going in between buildings, others were running to their cars for whatever they necessary for their following class. When Seth and I stepped out of the car I heard a few whoops and hollers of some of the newbies to the gang, who organized up our 3 finger salute, which I went back casually.        "We must sign it at the Office, then I indicate that we go to at least one period prior to we begin offering." Seth advised me as we walked.        "Second floor bathroom?" I asked, referring to our usual location, where we'd made most of our money prior to we'd gone out onto the roads via our company. It was honestly still my favorite area to offer.    We were in the school for a grand full of an hour prior to we'd marketed to our first customer, some freshmale son who'd heard that the Saint himself remained in the school. He'd heard around me and also wanted to buy some of my stuff, mainly for the bragging legal rights. He bought some dope, traditional stuff, yet it was money.       A few more men came approximately, asking for miscellaneous points. All in all, we made a couple of hundred dollars that morning, and also that was all great with me. By the moment the lunch bell sounded I was feeling great about myself, it wasn't frequently that someone can say that he made at least half a grand in a day, simply from his own sales.      So, once we got into the cafeteria I began to scope out my second favorite thing beside drugs, and that was girls. The high school I checked out was chocked full of simple chicks, and also I was constantly searching for one to have some fun through.      I had actually only remained in the cafeteria for a minute, max, once this girl recorded my eye. She was brief, but what she lacked in elevation she made up for in looks. She wasn't tan, but she wasn't pals, she had actually a natural skin tone that I liked. Her right chestnut hair was pulled up in a pony tail. She was wearing a pair of leggings through boots and also a long sleeved white shirt.     "Hey, host my seat." I told Seth as I gained up and also headed toward the girl. I heard Seth say somepoint yet I ignored him. The girl sat dvery own at a table with a couple of other girls, ones I well-known from having actually messed around via them prior to.      "Excuse me ladies." I greeted as I acquired up behind them, and also each of them turned and also smiled at me, all other than this brand-new girl, who just gave me a quizzical look.      "Hey Marcus." One of the girls, Vanessa, said as she smiled at me.     "Yeah, hey. If you girls wouldn't mind, I'd choose to present myself to our brand-new frifinish below." I said, gesturing to the girl who had actually looked at me strangely a minute earlier. Vanessa nodded, gathered her friends, and also they went off to an additional table. At this point, some world were watching me, having actually taken notification that I was introducing myself to someone. This was the the majority of obvious indication that you were brand-new in the institution.     "Nice to accomplish you, I'm Marcus." I shelp as I extfinished my hand also to the girl, my Third Street Saint tattoo blatantly noticeable on my arm.       "April." She responded, shaking my hand, a tiny smile crossing her functions.        "So, you're new in town?"           "Yeah, my dad and I actually just relocated right here, just how do you know?"         "Call it a hunch. Now, I happen to be one of the finest guides to our little city, I've lived right here every one of my life. How about you let me show you about after school? It's not often I offer up my solutions, by the way." April smirked and also leant her challenge right into her hand also.      "Hmmmmm, let me think..." She pasupplied for a moment prior to proceeding "certain, why don't you meet me external after college, I guess I can let you display me some points." Perfect. I smiled and also waved at April as she saw join her friends, prior to I realized that my phone was going off. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked down, seeing a myriad of messages from Seth, in order they went favor this.ABORT MISSIONPIG'S DAUGHTERAS IN THE SHERIFFSTOP TALKING TO HERMARCUSSTOPFUCKING STOP.

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When I looked up from my phone I experienced that Seth was glaring daggers at me from throughout the room. Fucking perfect.