Think Highly Of Meaning

Definition: To regard someone through respect; to have a positive opinion of that perkid.

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Origin of Think Highly Of

The records are scarce for the origin of this expression. However, examples are simple to discover going as much back as the 1600s.

The adverb highly initially showed up in the 900s and also implies honorably or gloriously.

The verb think likewise showed up in the 900s. One of its definitions is to regard someone or to organize an opinion of someone.

Given the age of these two words, it would certainly make sense for this expression to have originated previously than the 1600s, yet tright here is definitive origin story.

Examples of Think Highly Of

In this conversation, two high-college students are discussing an essay that they need to complete for their English course.

Lisa: This essay doesn’t seem too tough. I am actually looking forward to creating around the life of my hero.

Annie: It won’t be tough to create as soon as I’ve favored my hero. I’m not sure whom to pick.

Lisa: Really? Tbelow are so many great choices!

Annie: Well, we aren’t enabled to select a household member, and also I feel choose a lot of historic figures did as many kind of bad things as great points.

Lisa: Are you saying that tbelow is no person in the background of the civilization that you think highly of?

Annie: I guess I might compose around Harriet Tubguy.

In the dialogue below, two friends are discussing their family members backgrounds.

Seth: My family is pretty boring.

Jimmy: No household is boring! They must have done somepoint cool. When did they immigrate to this country? Or were they Native Americans?

Seth: My grandpa came over from Italy. Actually, he is really amazing. He overcame so much hardship in order to carry out for his family members. I think so very of him because of his braincredibly and also dedication.

More Examples

This excerpt is from an write-up about the mayor of New York City, and a poll that verified he had low approval amongst voters.

This excerpt is from an post around college basketball.

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The phrase think very of means to esteem or to value someone.


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