Was anyone else really blown away through the finimelted product compared to the three teasers? In my head, I was expecting this to be one my leastern favorite songs on the album, and as it has turned out, it is one of my favorites. Rivers does a lot of interesting points vocally, the solo is dope, and also it honestly doesn't sound choose much of anything else Weezer has actually ever done. This song has surprised me the many on the album.

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If you men disagree about "I've Had It Up To Here," what surprised you most about the album (excellent or bad)?


I loved this song from the sound check. I love the Darkness (the band). The lead singer of the Darkness co-composed this song, perhaps Rivers ideal participation ever.

I thought this was gonna be my least favorite song on the album as well however turn out to be among my favorite im really surprise by it

It's not my favorite but I definitely love "I've Had It Up To Here". I didn't understand if I'd choose it or not based on the teasers yet I definitely favor it even more than I believed I would certainly. Very interesting track and unprefer anything they've created prior to yet distinctly Weezer. "The British Are Coming" was the biggest surpincrease bereason I had no idea what to mean prior to the song release last week yet it blew me amethod. Musically, it's my favorite song on the album and among the finest they've ever before created.

One of my favorites. Dat vintage pinkerton solo; and eff you attitude

Thats 96 Rivers alive in tbelow ;)

Pretty much every song that wasn't displayed or leaked prior to the complete leak has been extremely surprising. I almost wish I didn't follow the leaks and also had actually simply heard it in its entirety. My mind would have exploded from every one of the twists and transforms.

I agree below. I think the leaks and the videos were TOO much. I feel like i must soptimal listening to any kind of Weezer until the appropriate release and also then play it front to ago in high quality. That will give me time away to have the ability to digest this in complete. That said, this album is awesome.

My hopes for I've Had It Up To Here were perhaps a little bit as well high. I was expecting it to be my favourite, but it isn't. It's still a solid song though! I think the Futurescope Trilogy surprised me the many though. I was expecting it to be excellent, yet not this good.

I love exactly how varied this album is, everyone has actually a various favorite. Hell, even the reviewers who have bashed the album so far LIKE shack. (I actually really choose shack, especially in the conmessage of the album, however I never before expected not weezer nerds to choose it).

Lyrics were just as amazing as I intended. It's framework is incredibly interesting and also as you shelp, that's a pretty badass solo. Probably my second or 3rd favourite (Cleopatra and also Trilogy…)

Absolutely! I feel like you articulated my thoughts precisely. The teezers for the song never really struck a chord in me but the song has actually turned out to be one of my favorites; certainly of the new songs.

It sounds choose nopoint they've done prior to and also yet it's still incredibly Weezer. It remains interesting throughout as it continues to construct and also layer upon itself. The vocal lines are really interesting and also the chorus is good.

This is probably my favorite Weezer song.

They honestly did such an excellent task through the entire album, but this song absolutely blew me amethod.

I was surprised that I didn't cringe listening to it.

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I went ago to the last 3 albums bereason I never really provided them a opportunity and dreaded many of each one. This album's quickly among their ideal. I've had it on repeat for 3-4 days now.


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