What"s the difference? Are they really various, through a nuance, or is it simply a matter of preference? Does one allude to your level of fluency even more than the other?

Made up examples.

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"I just desire to say that for all the experience she clintends she"s had actually, she is not all that competent."

"I desire to just say that for all..."

Would the place of just set the tone for what the speaker is around to say? In "I simply want to say..." the speaker can be about to make a comment directed at an additional comment made earlier or someone and possibly oppose it or critique it . In "I desire to just say..." on the other hand also, the speaker might be wanting to add a piece of information, which would certainly save the tan additional neutral.

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Most likely, tright here wouldn"t be any type of perceived distinction between the 2 sentences.

However before, there is a subtle difference in interpretation that could be made:

I just want to say X . . .

This implies that the only thing you desire to do is say X. You do not desire to run, jump, watch TV, or have actually dinner. All you desire to do is say X.

I want to just say X . . .

This suggests that the just point you want to say is X. You do not want to say anypoint else. (However, you could also want to run, jump, watch TV, or have dinner.)

Such a distinction would certainly mostly not be made. However, since a distinction was asked for, that would be the only subtle one I could think of.

Generally speaking, both I simply want to say and also I want to simply say are the indistinguishable of let me say or I desire to say. They are simply general introductions to you making a statement around somepoint. Words just, barring the really subtle difference I made, could be dropped altogether.

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