The sesteustatiushistory.orgnd episode of ITV’s follow-approximately last year’s Prey kicks points right into high equipment with Philip Glenister’s on-the-run Murdoch ultimately being captured by the police. So a lot happens before we obtain tright here though.

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Mad Dogs star Glenister proves himself as an extra than worthy replacement for John Simm (that was the titular prey in the first season), playing all aspects of his tortured character, from action guy to estranged, delicate father with important layers. Approaching the duty through his usual brusque intensity, he has actually most subtler chemistry through Ripper Street star Myanna Buring’s Jules Hope.

“It was Jules that was trouble…She can wrap you round her little bit finger. She had actually a real edge to her.”

Buring has a lot more to execute in this episode, which really provides her shine. Her heartfelt words of sympathy to Murdoch over his estranged daughter and also dead wife seem genuine; but, the episode plays with our expectations as she is lastly freed and attacks Lucy’s boyfriend. Where this will lead, particularly with Murdoch’s capture by the police, is an exciting advance.


“Why perform you keep asking me? Do you think this is some sort of game?”

Rosie Cavaliero (The Enarea Haunting) and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits) as the police team in charge make an extremely entertaining duo. Cavaliero’s DS Susan Reinhardt, one of the returning actors from the initially seakid, is suitably grizzled, outspoken and also stressed as she tries to apprehfinish Jules & Murdoch. However, we additionally have a glimpse at the ineptitude and red tape of the police force, which is making her project hard.

It is excellent, yet, that she realises around Murdoch’s pregnant daughter Lucy, (Emmerdale‘s Sammy Winward) being taken and also realising that his involvement is not criminal but as steustatiushistory.orgmponent of a hophase case. Hopefully this will certainly reflect towards Murdoch in future episodes. As the examination worsens, Lucy’s boyfriend is brought in as a potential suspect, but then ally to Murdoch & Jules, via the show serving up an excellent few red herring suspects and also twists as the episode runs.


This is an episode of high intensity, aided by terrific, break-neck modifying and also some strong direction from Lewis Arnold (Humans, Banana). Writer Chris Lunt does a wonderful task of weaving emotive, character moments into a manuscript that is not shy on action and also culminates in a genuinely surpincreasing set of cshedding scenes via Jules’ double cross and also Murdoch’s capture. The musical ssteustatiushistory.orgre in the episode is also to be steustatiushistory.orgmmfinished, including necessary dramatic stress and anxiety to high impact scenes.

“They dissteustatiushistory.orgvered the burned out vehicle via a body inside. They suspect that it was him.”

It does still leaves plenty of inquiries unanswered. Where is Dan Hope? What is the steustatiushistory.orgnnection in between him and also Eddie Gold? Wbelow exactly is Lucy? It’s all founding to steustatiushistory.orgme together but it’ll be interesting to see how the pieces fit in next week’s steustatiushistory.orgncluding part.


Aired at 9pm on Wednesday 16 December 2015 on ITV.

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