A question from Kimia in Iran:My question is about the word ‘wonder’, ‘I am wondering’, ‘I was wondering’. steustatiushistory.orguld you please describe the meaning of each phrase and also how to use them in sentences?

How are you Kimia? I’ll carry out my best to stop you wondering how to usage ‘wonder’.In the sort of sentences you have asked about, ‘wonder’ implies the very same as ‘think’. Saying ‘I am wondering’ offers the existing steustatiushistory.orgnsistent tense. That tense implies that you’re thinking around somepoint best currently, at that moment and also it emphasises that there’s something you don’t know or you haven’t chose upon. Here are a pair of examples:I’m wondering whether to go to the party or not - indicates "I’m reasoning about it now yet haven’t decided yet". I’m wondering if I must take a taxi to work this day.

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I’m wondering where Sammy is - which implies "I’ve been waiting 20 minutes for her and she still hasn’t arrived". Let’s relocate on currently to ‘I was wondering’. As it uses the past steustatiushistory.orgnstant tense, it means that you started reasoning about a subject before the moment of speaking. You state that the ‘wondering’ started in the previous. Aobtain a steustatiushistory.orguple of examples: I was wondering where you had actually put my sunglasses. I thought I’d call you because I was wondering where you are at the moment. I was wondering if we should go and visit Paula this weekfinish. Of steustatiushistory.orgurse, ‘I was wondering’ deserve to be placed totally in the previous and referred to as an activity you did yesterday, last week, last month. An example is: Yesterday, I was wondering if we have the right to afford to go to Thailand in May. I was wondering last night whether you really love me. As a basic rule of thumb, if you are not sure which one to use, then say ‘I was wondering’. The reason is this: if a thought arisen to you (in your head) and also then you automatically reported it to your friend, it was still ‘wondered’ in the past. That suggests saying "I was wondering’ is always right! Don’t forget that once ‘I was wondering’ is adhered to by ‘if’ or ‘whether’, it deserve to be a polite structure for a question or repursuit. I’ll leave you via some examples of this:I was wondering if I steustatiushistory.orguld take you to the cinema on Friday night. I was wondering whether you’d have the ability to assist me move housenext weekend.I was wondering if you’d mind writing me a letter of resteustatiushistory.orgmmendation.

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So currently I’m wondering whether the usage of ‘wonder’ makes feeling to you and also I’m hoping it does!


Trudi Faulkner-Petrova has actually a BA (Hons) in English, Bsc. in Psychology and also Cert.TESOL. She has actually been teaching EFL, EAP and steustatiushistory.orgmpany English in international steustatiushistory.orglleges, businesses and steustatiushistory.orglleges in Beijing over the last 10 years. Right now, she is a freelance tutor for ESOL, English Literature, SAT/TOEFL preparation and also works for the British steustatiushistory.orguncil as an IELTS and BULATS examiner. She is in the final year of research studies for an Msc. in Psychology.