Give someone a lift! Following a series of misadventures trying to obtain to Nauvoo on an aircraft via several nieces and also nephews, Sheri Dew writes that she was ready to scrap the pilgrimage and simply go home. A easy statement by her niece recovered her perspective: "Aunt Sheri, if life were easy, it wouldn't be tough." The truth is, life is hard-but that's okay. If we learn to rotate to the Lord, he deserve to make our burdens light. Distinguishing between burdens (the stuff mortality throws at us) and also baggage (the junk we elect to pick up on our own) have the right to assist ease our method. So have the right to a correct knowledge of basic ethics prefer charity and chastity. This road map to some basic truths about life will certainly make you feel better-also on hard days!

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Sheri Dew graduated from Brigham Young College. She served as second counselor in the general Relief Society from 1997 to 2002. In March 2003 the White House appointed her a member of the UNITED STATE Delegation to the Commission on the Status of Woguys at the United Nations. She is also the writer of the biographies of President Gordon B. Hinckley and also President Ezra Taft Benkid and the inspirational book No Doubt About It

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