This Oscar-winning song was premiered by Rex Harriboy (in his signature talk-singing style) in the 1967 musical film Doctor Dolittle, in which he plays a physician who learns to… Read More 

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(Chorus 1)If I might talk to the pets, simply imagine itChatting to a chimp in ChimpanzeeImagine talking to a tiger, chatting to a cheetahWhat a neat accomplishment that would certainly be!If we could talk to the pets, learn their languagesMaybe take an pet degreeI'd research Elephant and also Eagle, Buffalo and also BeagleAlligator, Guinea Pig, and also FleaI would converse in Polar Bear and also PythonAnd I would certainly curse in fluent KangarooIf world ask me, "Can you speak Rhinoceros?"I'd say, "Of course-rosCan't you?"I'd confer via our furry friends and also animalsThink of the remarkable repartee!If I might walk through the pets, talk through the animalsGrunt and squeak and squawk with the animalsAnd they might talk to me(Chorus 2)If I consulted through quadrupeds, think what fun we'd haveAsking over crocodiles for teaOr possibly lunch with 2 or 3 lions, walrsupplies or sea lionsWhat a lovely place the human being would be
If I spoke slang to an orangutan, the advantagesAny fool on Planet can plainly seeDiscussing Eastern art and dramas with intellectual llamasThat's a big step forward, you'll agreeI'd learn to sheight in Antelope and also TurtleMy Pekinese would be incredibly goodIf I were asked to sing HippopotamusI'd say "Why not-amus?"And wouldIf I might parley via pachyderms, it's a fairy taleWorthy of Hans Andersen or GrimmA man who walks with the pets, talks through the animalsGrunts and also squeaks and also squawks with the animals(Chorus 3)A guy can talk to the animals. It's a miracle!In a year from currently, I guaranteeI'll be the marvel of the mammals, playing chess via camelsNo more just a boring old M.DI'll research eexceptionally living creature's languageSo I have the right to speak to all of them on sightIf friends say, "Can he talk in Crab or Pelican?"You'll say, "Like hell he have the right to."And you'll be right

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And if you just speak to think of it, there's no doubt of itI shall win a area in historyI can walk via the pets, talk through the animalsGrunt and squeak and also squawk through the animalsAnd they deserve to squeak and also squawk and sheight and talk to me!