The Brief: TikTokers are highlighting the moments they"ve felt hard, fearless, and also invincible by lip-syncing to lyrics around fighting a grizzly bear.

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TikTokers are revealing the moments in which they feel hard, fearmuch less, and also invincible by lip-syncing to lyrics about fighting a grizzly bear, frequently while percreating simple tasks. These videos are intended to be humorous and also are perdeveloped to a freestyle by rapper Mystikal. At the time of publication, tbelow are over 55,000 videos linked to this audio under creator


I make a motherf*cka say ‘Oh yeah!’I’m cold as a lion with no hairAnd, if you ever before check out me fighting in the woodland through a grizzly bearHelp the bearCuz that b*tch gon’ require it!

These bars aren’t from a radio hit, but a 2012 freestyle perdeveloped by Mystikal during an appearance on appearing on DJ Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio on Hip Hop Nation, Sirius/XM 44.

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“If you ever view me fighting in the woodland with a grizzly bear” TikTok videos first video showed up on June 22 under
Mauricestovall’s account. His video was captioned, “Girls once they make it through their period.” It received over 363,000 likes and also was perceived over 1.9 million times.


Since the sound got deleted probably this one will blow up