As many kind of in the recording market rally behind Kesha, that is still embroiled in a lawsuit with Dr. Luke over alleged sex-related assault, THR looks ago at the volatile relationship in between Tina and Ike Turner that included a broken jaw and bloody fight in a Las Vegas limousine.

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This story initially appeared in the March 18 worry of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. To get the magazine, click right here to subscribe.

The lawsuit in between Kesha and also Dr. Luke over alleged sex-related attack and the document producer’s regulate of the singer’s career is unresolved, however it has lugged the music industry’s lengthy history of abusive relationships right into the news. None is better recognized than Ike and Tina Turner’s. In her 1986 autobiography, I, Tina, the singer wrote about years of ill treatment that had a damaged jaw and also a bloody fight in a Las Vegas limousine that led her to finally leaving Ike in 1976. Her tale was turned right into 1993’s What’s Love Got to Do With It, which earned Angela Bassett an Oscar nomination.

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But the Disney/Touchrock film likewise earned her ex-husband also (played by Laurence Fishburne) an everlast­ing reputation as a tyrannical spousal abuser. “They assassinated my career through that damn movie,” Ike Turner when shelp. (He’d sold the civil liberties to his depiction for $50,000 and provided the money to fuel his cocaine addiction.) “The story about Ike abusing Tina reduced him to nothing even more than a wife-beater in the public’s estimation,” states I, Tina co-writer Kurt Loder. “But Ike was a key figure in R&B background as a musician, producer and talent scout.” For instance, at 19 he videotaped 1951’s “Rocket 88,” which historians have actually called the first rock ‘n’ roll document.


After leaving Ike, Tina went on to make solo platinum records, played Aunty Entity in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and also had actually one of 2008’s highest-grossing tours. Following his release from prikid in 1991 after serving 17 months on drug charges, Ike made a comeback that contained his 2006 Grammy-winning album Risen’ With the Blues. Unfortunately, he additionally returned to his crack cocaine addiction. When he died in 2007 at 76, THR quoted Little Ricdifficult, that shelp at his memorial at Gardena’s City of Refuge/Greater Bethany type of Community Pentecostal Church, “Speak holding this mess — whatever it is — against this male. Even Jesus forprovides.”

Tina, 76, currently resides in Switzerland with her 60-year-old second husband also, Germale record producer Erwin Bach. When Ike died, she made no comment, yet in 2013 she told Oprah Winfrey that he “was smart. He wasn’t an educated smart man yet had common feeling.”