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Dear Customers:

Throughout these hard times, we remain committed to the demands of homeschooled high school and college students right here and also awide. Due to decreased in-school laboratory alternatives, we"ve significantly ramped up kit production. Since the experiments in our kits and manuals assistance the topics in major print and also virtual messages, they will prove beneficial for those students interested in obtaining an edge through manual lab scientific research. Please call us for indevelopment about correlation guides for use through famous textpublications and also virtual courses.

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In addition to our standard kits, practice kits have the right to be created to deal with the certain needs of high schools and colleges that have actually had to curtail or get rid of on-campus labs through at leastern the present scholastic year. Please understand that these kits take added time to develop, particularly since they are generally ordered in big amounts. See the "Custom Orders" tab for more indevelopment.

We would love to hear from you. Please use the Contact Us web page for concerns, comments, or technical assistance.

My staff and I are looking forward to being of organization.


Ben Siciliano, steustatiushistory.org, LLC

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October 2021: All conventional kits are available!

Please use our Contact page if you have any type of concerns or require a quote for a tradition kit.

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Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic ScienceExperiments: All Lab, No Lectureaccessible from:the majority of other booksellers worldwide

Have you ever wondered whether theforensic science you’ve watched on TV is anything like the actual thing?There’s no much better way to find out than to roll up your sleeves and also doit yourself. This full-color book supplies advice for setting up aninexpensive home lab, and contains even more than 50 manual lab sessionsthat address forensic scientific research experiments in biology, chemisattempt, andphysics. You’ll learn the useful abilities and also standard knowledgenecessary to go after forensics as a lifelengthy hobby—or even a career.Theforensic scientific research procedures in this book are not merely educational,they’re the real deal. Each chapter consists of one or even more lab sessionsdevoted to a particular topic. You’ll find a finish list of equipmentand chemicals you need for each session.

Analyze soil, hair, and fibers Match glass and also plastic specimensDevelop latent fingerprints and reveal blood tracesConduct drug and toxicology testsAnalyze gunswarm and also explosives residuesDetect forgeries and fakesAnalyze impressions, such as tool marks and footprintsMatch pollen and diatom samplesExtract, isolate, and visualize DNA samples
FK01 Forensic Science Kit
Although you deserve to purchase thetools, chemicals, and also othergives you must carry out the lab sessions in the book from forensics and also lab supply sellers, doingso piecemeal is time-consuming and costly. To attend to these comes to, we designedand also assembled a practice kit, the FK01 Forensic Science Kit, that contains virtually everything you needother than a microscopic lense andfamily members items that are easily easily accessible in your area.
Supplepsychological Materials
A few of the products supplied in the lab sessions existing hazardsthat selection from slight to severe. Before you open or usage any type of of thematerials in the kit, review the MSDSs for those materials.

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