Well, in our previous post about the hats, you have the right to tell that the name was formerly Devo, yet is now readjusted to “Imfeasible to Obtain Red Wedding Cake Hat“.Well, RT and also OT has had actually it’s fair share of threads about it, but RT has actually had actually the many deleted/locked ones.Here’s what XlegoX had actually to say around it in a write-up.

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Actually, why execute you think they rerelocated the hat in the first place? Due to the fact that they’re not intended to usage the text on the site. So naturally, they don’t want human being making a bunch of write-ups using the message either, bereason that might be simply as poor.

People still think elsewise, because Devo has actually sued McDonalds in the previous bereason of they made a Happy Meal toy out of it.

People think that they got sued.People are saying they readjusted it to PREVENT being sued.

I guess we will never know…


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