Readings for Ash Wednesday: Joel 2:1-2, 12-17; Psalm 51:1-17; 2 Corinthians 5:20b – 6:10; Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

My husband’s ashes are in the keeping of my brvarious other. Scott is holding onto them till the day I have the right to bear to gather them up and also release them. On that day, we will bury Gary’s ashes on the farm that has remained in the Richardkid household for more than a century; the farm wright here, on a bright spring day so newly, Gary and I were married.

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You have the right to imagine that Ash Wednesday will certainly feel various for me this year and always. The sheer truth of Gary’s ashes poses inquiries that stagger me and make me ache: questions that I am working my means through ever so progressively, inquiries for which I carry out not anticipate ever having actually answers.

In the middle of my struggle and also sorrow, what I store seeing are the hands that host the ashes—my brother’s hands, and the hands of those that, in gatherings around the people next Wednesday, will map the sign of the cross on each brow: sign of repentance and also release, sign of stubborn hope. If I never before make feeling of the ashes and their awful and also aching mystery, I can organize on, at leastern, to the hands that bear them, and also that bear me up in these days.

How around you?

Blessings, blessings to you as Lent draws near.

Will You Meet Us? A Blessing for Ash Wednesday

Will you satisfy usin the ashes,will certainly you accomplish usin the acheand show your facewithin our sorrowand offer usyour word of grace:

That you are lifewithin the dying,that you abidewithin the dust,that you are whatsurvives the burning,that you ariseto make us new.

And in our aching,you are breathing;and also in our weeping,you are herewithin the handsthat bear your blessing,enfolding uswithin your love.

—Jan Richardson

2016 update: “Will You Meet Us?” shows up in my brand-new book Circle of Grace: A Publication of Blessings for the Seasons. You deserve to find the book right here.

An invitation right into Lent…

During Lent, most of my artistic energies will be going toward the brand-new virtual retreat that I’ll be giving for the seaboy. I would certainly love to have actually your company on this journey and to continue to be linked via you as Lent unfolds. Intertwining reflection, art, music, and neighborhood, the retreat is designed as an area of elegant simplicity that you can enter from wherever you are, at any type of time that functions for you.

I sometimes hear from folks who say, “I’d love to do this but I don’t have time for a retreat!” I completely gain that, and so I have actually especially designed this retreat so that you can connect as a lot or as little bit as you wish, in the means that fits best for you. Rather than being an additional point to add to your Lenten schedule, this retreat weaves easily and sindicate with your days.

For more details and also registration, please visit our overwatch page at Online Lenten Retreat. And please share this connect with your friends! (In enhancement to the individual price, we have actually team rates available for folks who want to share the retreat together near or much.) You have the right to also give the Lenten retreat as a gift! If you have actually questions around the retreat, or pertains to around things that you think can hinder you from sharing in the journey, be certain to inspect out our FAQ page (you’ll discover a attach on the overview page).

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Using Jan’s artwork…To usage the picture “Blessing the Dust,” please visit this web page at (This is likewise easily accessible as an art print. After clicking over to the image’s web page on the Jan Richardkid Images site, simply scroll dvery own to the “Purchase as an Art Print” section.) Your usage of helps make the ministry of The Painted Prayerbook feasible. Thank you!

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