I was composing a classified for a agency, yet I got confused between 2 different intake of "search".

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Read the complying with sentences:

If you"re in search of a quality marketing agency, then your search ends here!

If you"re in search for a top quality marketing company, then your search ends here!

Now, I want to understand what native speakers say around the intake in above composed sentences. Are they both okay? Why?

Thanks for your assist.



The first sentence, using "in search of", is the correct one.

"in search of" is an idiomatic phrase, identical to "looking for". These suppose the very same thing:

I am in search of a great pair of shoes.

I am searching for an excsteustatiushistory.orgent pair of shoes.

"in search for" is not strictly correct English; there need to be an short article ("a" or "the") before "search". Leaving short articles out is common when trying to be brief, choose in news headlines, as viewed in Maulik V"s answer:

FBI involved in search for brothers missing in Matamoros.

The FBI is affiliated in the a> search for two brothers that are lacking in Matamoros.

These other 2 instances are not straight appropriate to your specific question, however might assist to clarify general offers of "search of/for", as soon as not preyielded by "in".

"search for X" means that X is the thing you"re trying to find."search of X" indicates that X is the area wbelow you"re browsing.

My sunglasses are missing. A search of my auto did not uncover them. The search for my sunglasses is still going.

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answered Feb 9 "15 at 7:41

Tim PederickTim Pederick
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Ah, the word "search" is commonly a noun! But then, idiomatically, it have the right to be supplied as a "verb".

The American Heritage Idioms Thesaurus specifies it:

Looking for, seeking, as in They saw The golden state in search of gold, or I visited the library in pursuit of a quiet location to read.

On the various other hand, in search for is feasible however it"s most likely used in headlines or in the context where the "search" has actually started for something lacking. This may encompass some illegal things/human being, conspiracy and so on

For instance,

FBI Involved in Search for Brothers Missing in Matamoros.

Anvarious other one...

Aid sought in search for a man suspected in...

So, to answer, much better go through "in search of"... hoping that your agency does all great activities! :P

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answered Feb 9 "15 at 7:24

Maulik VMaulik V
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