Throughout whose power does the poem take place?
King Arthur
Describe the green knight.

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Environment-friendly, very huge, holding an axe and a holly branch, a beard prefer a green bush
Describe the green knight's steed.huge, green via gold strands in his mane and also tail
What is the moment of year?Christmas - New Year's
What does the Green Knight bring through him?an axe and a holly branch
Why does the Environment-friendly Knight say he cam to King Arthur's court?to check out the best knights in all the world
Who does the Eco-friendly Knight ask to talk to ?King Arthur
What is the Eco-friendly Knight's challenge?He will stand also still for among Arthur's kinights to strike him with his axe if the knight will agree to carry out the same following year
What do the knight of the round table execute as soon as he offers his challenge?They just sit there.
Who is the first to answer the Green Knight's challenge?King Arthur
Who interrupts to take over the challenge?Sir Gawain
How is Gawain related to the king?He's his nephew.
What does Gawain ask to be enabled to do?Take the challenge
Why does Gawain say he have to be alloweed to take the challenge rather of Arthur?bereason he's not as important
What happens to the Eco-friendly Knight when Gawain delivers his blow?His head is reduced off, however he bends dvery own, picks it up, and also proceeds to talk
What is the agreement in between Gawain and the lord?Gawain will offer the Lord whatever before he receives at the Lord's residence eextremely day and also the Lord will provide Gawain whatever before he gets on his hunts each day.
The initially exreadjust is _____.a kiss and an animal
The second exadjust is _____.a kiss and also an animal
The 3rd exchange is____.a kiss and also an animal
Name 2 things the lady supplies Gawain on the 3rd day?a gold ring and also a green sash
What gift does Gawain ultimately accept? Why?He accepts the green sash because she told him no one could harm him in battle if he's wearing it.
What trick does Gawain save from the lord?the gift of the green sash
What happens upon the first stroke of the axe by the Eco-friendly Knight?Gawain flinches and also the Eco-friendly Knight stops the axe before it strikes him.
How many strokes of the ax does the Green Knight take?three
What wound does Gawain receive on the third strike?He neck is nicked.
Wha prevents Gawain from shedding his head?His honor.

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Why, according to the Green Knight, does he injure Gawain at all?He was not honest around the sash.
Who is the Eco-friendly Knight?the lord