Are both correct, or execute they have actually different meanings? I found both in the internet and I found many kind of discussions on this question without a solution. I guess SX is appropriate to discover a short solution.

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In the UK, the idiom is of the order of (at least, in the instance quoted, "of the order of 100kg").

In order of states a sequence; and on the order of specifies that made an edict.

ODO entry:

of the order of: approximately; having actually the order of magnitude stated by...


The large majority of these citations from Google Books will most likely all enhance OP"s conmessage...

...distance is of the order of... 6670 results

...distance is in the order of... 1050 results

...distance is on the order of... 907 results

Whilst I don"t see clear-reduced reasons for saying any kind of certain preplace is either "right" or "wrong", I personally choose in. The repetition of of slightly turns me off the initially alternative, and also I simply do not come across on exceptionally often, so it seems a tiny "strange" to my ear.

I would certainly also simply say the ratios implied by numbers are only an approximate guide to actual usage. The matching numbers for "weight" are of:2680, in:1150 on:396. But the standard message is they"re all provided fairly often, yet of is the many widespread form.

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