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Which one is correct and also what"s the difference?:

I was in a shop yesterday.

I was at a shop yesterday.



Both are grammatical.

"At the shop" tells the listener you are in or cshed enough to the shop to be considered on the premises.

"In the shop" is more specific and tells the listener you are within the walls of the shop.

Using at puts you at that location.

Using in puts you within the place and is a more specific description of your present place.


The answers by CDM and in How carry out I answer “Wright here execute you work?” inspire me.You can say "I am sitting at the table" because you are actually close to the table.You can say "I work-related in a bank" because you are functioning in the structure of a financial institution.You have the right to likewise say "I acquire some money at a bank" because some ATMs are not in a bank.

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I think it"s reasonable to say "I am waiting in the exit lounge" or "I am at the airport". So it depends on what you want to emphasize.


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