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mensural notation, mensuration, mensurative, menswear, -ment, psychological, mental age, mental artery, psychological block, mental cruelty, mental deficiency

Mental is an adjective that means relating to the mind.

It is specifically used in comparison via physical, which implies relating to the body. Mental is commonly supplied in the conmessage of emotional disorders or the care and therapy of civilization who have actually them. One of its many common offers is in the phrase mental health.

Mental is periodically supplied as a slang term with the exact same meaning as the informal sense of crazy, particularly in the U.K. It’s typically supplied to explain a perboy or their behavior as being extreme or illogical in some method. Keep in mind, however, that once provided in this way, words favor crazy and mental may reinpressure harmful stereotypes and also associations via mental condition.

Example: To be an elite athlete, you have to be physically solid, but you likewise have to perfect the psychological facets of your game.

The first records of mental come from approximately the 1400s. It originates from the Late Latin term mentālis, which derives from the Latin mens, meaning “mind.”

Due to the climb in acceptance, research, and also therapy of mental disease, mental is very carefully associated through such worries. It is often checked out in phrases prefer mental health, mental fatigue, and also mental hygiene. It is also extremely commonly used in a basic method to define points pertained to the mind or done in the mind, such as in the phrases psychological note (a thought to remember something later), psychological image (a picture watched in one’s mind), and also psychological math or psychological arithmetic (math done in one’s head, as opposed to via a calculator or on paper).

Mental also has an interpretation separate from the mind completely. The word mentum refers to the chin, so mental deserve to be supplied to expect “relating to the chin.”

What are some other develops related to mental?

mentally (adverb)

What are some synonyms for mental?

What are some words that share a root or word element with mental

What are some words that often get offered in mentioning mental?

Mental is a lot of mostly provided to show things done with or in the mind as opposed to through the body. It is very very closely linked via problems of mental health.

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Teens through psychological illness dismissed as 'teenagers', woguys as 'emotional', and men told to 'guy up'. Ignore the stigma. Illness isn't shame.

— Matt Haig (
matthaig1) August 30, 2017

1/Goal establishing in times of high trauma. Passing on a pointer that I've learned throughout the years. Though my ambition & instinct is to offer myself a full agenda filled via lofty objectives, I uncover when trauma is currently pushing dvery own on you those lists can cause collapse & mental fatigue

— Rachel Miner (
RachelMiner1) March 30, 2020

After surpclimbing myself with some mental math tonight I kinda wish I knew a method to gain ago into tutoring better math. I miss that being one of my jobs

— Evan Edinger (

Which of the adhering to actions is LEAST likely to be explained as mental?

A. calculating a sum in your headB. meditatingC. doing a push-upD. picturing something in your mind

subjective, spiroutine, cerebral, psychic, intellectual, mental, psychiatric, brainy, clairvoyant, deep, hefty, imagiindigenous, improduct, inner, mysterious, rational, thinking, subconscious, reasoning, thoughtful