Into The Badlands: 10 Facts You Didn't Kcurrently About The Cast AMC"s Into the Badlands has actually been compared to Game of Thrones for its intensity and also is full of amazing stuntwork. Why not gain to recognize the cast better?

Scenes from Into the Badlands
For 3 seasons, AMC’s Into the Badlands told the story of a young warrior boy entangled in a war in between warlords looking to gain full control of a territory. Some say that the show is equivalent to HBO’s Video Game of Thrones, via its the majority of intense fight scenes featuring some of the ideal martial arts stunts checked out on television in current years.

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Unfortunately, AMC made the decision to cancel the series in 2019. Because then, the show’s cast members have actually been busy through various other reflects and also movies. That shelp, tright here are many kind of points to know around the cast.

Daniel Wu Commercial
Having stupassed away architecture, you have the right to say that Wu stumbled into acting by opportunity. As it transforms out, he was visiting Hong Kong, watching the handover to China from British rule as soon as fate intervened. And it all taken place because Wu went broke.

“Halfway via that expedition I had run out of money,” the actor redubbed while speaking with CGM. “Then one night I was at a bar via some friends and also some girl approached me and also asked if I wanted to be in a TV commercial,” That commercial passist Wu $4,000. It additionally resulted in his first function film.

Daniel Wu in Into the Badlands via sword
By the moment, Into the Badlands got hold of Wu, the actor was currently established in the Chinese sector, having actually starred in a number of action movies, even alongside Hollytimber stars such as Lucy Liu and also Rusoffer Crowe.

And once he obtained contacted for Into the Badlands, it was initially assumed that Wu would only join the manufacturing as an executive producer bereason of his martial arts background. In the finish, but, Wu’s ondisplay existence aided elevate the series, as it showcased martial arts fighting stunts that are often only featured in movies.

Prior to booking Into the Badlands, the Irish-born actress had been difficult at work on the NBC series Amerideserve to Odyssey. In reality, she was so busy filming that she totally missed the audition deadline for Into the Badlands. Luckily for her, it didn’t issue.

“Three weeks later on a frifinish of mine was coming to New York and I simply sassist, will you review if I go on tape?” Brady told Geek Chic Elite. “They hadn’t found anybody in the first round and also when the casting director experienced my tape, she told me anymeans, she simply assumed, that’s Lydia, that’s her.”

7 Orla Brady Is A Huge Fan Of Frozen

Orla Brady in Into the Badlands
Perhaps, what many don’t realize around Brady is that she is a large fan of Disney’s Frozen, which is arguably the ideal Disney animated film to come out in 2010. It additionally happens to be among the highest-grossing Disney princess films of all time.

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“I would love, love, love to have had actually something like Frozen as soon as I was a boy,” the actress remarked while speaking with Irish Times. “But there were no female personalities you might recognize through.” At the moment, it doesn’t appear that Brady will be dabbling in animation anytime soon, though.

Prior to working on Into the Badlands, Mantock was currently an establiburned television actor, having actually previously starred in The Tomorrow People as Stephen’s ideal frifinish, Astrid Finch. Mantock jump at the possibility of joining Into the Badlands because it was a new show and she needed the task.

Also, the actress told Babsence Nerd Problems, “The prospect of being connected via a network prefer AMC is a large draw …” Since the show finished, Mantock has actually moved to another massive netjob-related, CW, wright here she stars in the reboot of Charmed, which some say is better than the previous show.

5 Sarah Bolger Starred In TV Shows And Films Before Joining Into The Badlands

Bolger already had rather a substantial career lengthy before she signed on to star in Into the Badlands. Prior to the present, Bolger had actually starred in the critically acasserted series, The Tudors, as Mary Tudor. Years later on, the actress also depicted Princess Aurora in the ABC series Once Upon a Time.

Aside from functioning on television, Bolger also took on a number of film duties, including in The Spiderwick Chronicles and The Lazarus Effect via Olivia Wilde. At the same time, Due to the fact that Into the Badlands finished, Bolger has had actually roles in Marvel’s Agent Carter and also Mayans M.C.

Beecham had formerly starred in the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar, which is headlined by Osvehicle winner George Clooney. Granted, the actress played a minor function in the movie (as a Hollylumber starlet). Nonethemuch less, Beecham acquired to job-related on a high-profile ensemble movie whose actors also included Scarlett Johansboy, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Jonah Hill, and also Ralph Fiennes.

Regardless of all the substantial names attached to the movie, yet, Hail, Caesar controlled to occupational with a meager budacquire, many thanks in component to Clooney and his co-stars’ willingness to take pay cuts, as the Coen brothers told Variety.

3 Nick Frost Ventures Into Fantasy And Animation Projects Often

It’s no surprise that Into the Badlands would certainly appeal to Frost given that he’s constantly dabbled in fantasy. In truth, Frost has actually starred in movies such as his own film Shaun of the Dead, too as Attack the Block and also The Huntsman: Winter’s War. Frost has actually also been lent his voice to several animated movies and also series.

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Early on in his career, Frost operated on The Adventures of Tintin and also Ice Age: Continental Drift, which belongs to one of the many successful animated film franchises of all time. Afterwards, Frost adhered to these up via The Boxtrolls and Netflix’s 3Below: Tales of Arcadia.

It’s tough to imagine that Stark found it difficult to acquire noticed by Hollylumber. But as it turns out, this actor wasn’t successful the initially time he tried. Fortunately, points ultimately turned around for him.

“The second time I went out was a much bigger deal for me because I had to redevelop all the confidence I’d lost and also it was on that expedition that I booked Into The Badlands,” the actor revealed while speaking via Fault. Because the present ended, Stark went on to star in FOX’s 9-1-1.

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1 Ally Ioannides Was Known For Her Work On Parenthood Prior To Joining The Into The Badlands Cast

As with some of the Into the Badlands cast members, Ioannides was also no stranger to television by the moment she booked a part on the AMC show. In reality, the actress famously starred on the NBC series Parenthood as Dylan Jones.

And since the show was a drama, it didn’t prepare the Ioannides for the intensity of functioning on Into the Badlands. “That first training camp was such a shock and also one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” she told The TV Junkies. “I’ve never sweat so much.”