Seachild 2, Episode 1 Resourcefulness

The competition kicks off via Alton Brown"s Chairman"s Challenge that forces the seven chefs to display their resourcefulness by utilizing a single protein in as many kind of methods as possible. When one chef takes as well many kind of dangers and an additional isn"t risky sufficient, one of them ends up in the bottom. Then, things obtain actual as soon as 2 chefs fight to protect against elimination in a fishy initially Secret Ingredient Showdown, and also judges Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and also Ching-He Huang sfinish one chef packing.

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Seaboy 2, Episode 2 Innovation

The 6 continuing to be chefs are breaking bcheck out together as they"re tasked with crafting an imaginative sandwich in the Chairman"s Challenge. An underdog impresses the other chefs, and the winner of the challenge hones their strategy by pitting 2 front-runners versus each other in a Secret Ingredient Showdvery own featuring a vivid root vegetable. Their dishes are presented to judges Iron Chef Marc Forgione and also Judy Joo, and also one chef is sent out home.

Seachild 2, Episode 3 Versatility

The 5 chefs should prove their flexibility as they take on the Chairman"s Challenge to develop a dish that epitomizes the cuisine of one of 5 countries: Thailand, India, Spain, Greece or Japan. It"s clear that no one is safe as soon as a previous week"s winner lands on the bottom. Then, the competition is neck and neck once 2 chefs confront a specifically challenging Secret Ingredient Showdown featuring a game meat, and judges Iron Chef Jose Garces and Anne Burrell send one chef residence.

Seakid 2, Episode 4 Ingenuity

The final four chefs are tasked through mirroring their resourcefulness by producing an inventive breakfast for the Chairman"s Challenge. One chef reimagines steak and eggs via a modern-day Eastern twist, while an additional challenger can not have made their dish ingenious sufficient. Then it"s on to a Secret Ingredient Showdvery own via shellfish, wbelow a solid contender must go up against among the a lot of artistic chefs in the competition. Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and also Simon Majumdar judge their dishes and also decide which chef gets got rid of.

Seaboy 2, Episode 5 Adaptcapability

Three chefs remajor, but only one have the right to survive to confront the Gauntlet. The Chairman"s Challenge narrows the field by forcing the chefs to adapt as soon as they acquire to choose two challenging ingredients for their rivals to create one merged dish. Then, the two staying chefs head to Kitchen Stadium for their last Secret Ingredient Showdown, and also judges Iron Chef Cat Cora and also Rocco DiSpirito decide that has the chops to enter the Gauntlet.

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Seachild 2, Episode 6 The Gauntlet Finale

The last chef standing faces almost insurmountable odds as soon as they need to cook their means with the three-round Gauntlet versus Iron Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli, Stephanie Izard and Michael Symon. But in a surpclimb twist, the Chairmale permits the challenger to decide which ingredient they"ll fight each Iron Chef via, and also judges Donatella Arpaia and also Marcus Samuelsson decide whether the competitor leaves in defeat or joins the coveted ranks of the Iron Chefs.


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